Where to Travel This November?

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If you’re thinking about a destination that could be a perfect place to explore in November, you’ve fallen on the right guide! During this month, the world offers so many gems that will make your trip truly memorable. So, join us below to check out 5 of our most favorite.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Lima, Peru
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History, culture and natural beauty are what set Peru apart. Although this mysterious country has a lot to offer, its capital Lima will definitely swoon you with its monumental landmarks. In addition, it was formally declared in 2006 as the “Gastronomy Capital of the Americas”, so get ready to enjoy some wonderful Peruvian dishes.

New Mexico, USA
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When visiting New Mexico in November, Albuquerque is the city that will steal your heart. In fact, it’s a destination for lovers of cuisine, culture and exciting activities. The best part will be the mild, sunny climate that will accompany you on your trip.

Timisoara, Romania
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With its art nouveau architecture, large public spaces and leafy gardens, Timisoara is a great city to indulge every moment of your autumn break. This is not all, as it’s also a place for music enthusiasts to enjoy what they love the most thanks to its live music venues.

Naples, Italy
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November is one of the best months to visit Naples and enjoy its mild weather. Home to the National Archeological Museum, this city is a great destination for those who love to learn about history. And here’s a bonus: you can enjoy one of the best pizzas there!


London, England
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For foodies, November is the best time to visit London. During this month, the London Restaurant Festival takes place as the city witnesses 350 restaurants coming together to offer your taste buds a real treat.
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