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Where Is the New FRED Boutique in the Middle East?

Many of the customers that the Maison’s founder Fred Samuel encountered at his jewelry presentations on the French Riviera came from the Middle East, including – royal and princely families. Today, the House of FRED is making their wildest dreams come true by putting its finest gems on display for them in its boutiques, coming all the way from Kuwait to Dubai to celebrate this special relationship. Yes, FRED opened a second boutique in Dubai at the iconic Mall of the Emirates marking 3 boutiques for the House in this part of the world. A symbol of the Maison’s special fondness for the Middle East, this sun-filled oasis is more of a warm welcome to the FRED universe and an invitation to discover its sun-infused jewelry during a dreamy escape to the Riviera that embodies the elegance and joie de vivre of the most radiant jeweler.

Designed with the best artisans and featuring works by French artists, this new boutique is ready to take you on an escaping journey into the jeweler’s sun-filled world as if on a cruise between the sea and the horizon. And with its entirely-glass façade with rose gold embellishment, not only can we see ourselves entering the Riviera so dear to the Maison, but also diving into the Mediterranean and FRED’s shades of blue.

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