When it’s Your Little Girl’s Bedtime

Putting your kid to bed is most probably the hardest task for a mom. As your kids are still excited from their daily activities and their playtime with friends, you might be about to lose your mind after a long day of exhausting work. Getting them to sleep becomes even harder with the beginning of the school year, as we’re not only talking about a whole day of activities, but rather a whole season.

With this in mind, reading them a book would be a great way to calm them down and give them a beautiful story to dream about at night. This is not all, as bedtime stories enhance their imagination, encourage their love for reading – which is what every mother wishes for, increase their attention and improve their writing skills.

For girls, the ideal bedtime story would be one that counts the adventures of princesses. And if your daughter is a little bit older and has interests, she would be more than happy to listen to a story about her interests.

Below, we have picked 7 stories for your daughter – and you of course, because happy kids, make happier moms!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

5-Minute Princess Stories
Little Big Girl  
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Little Ted's Big Heart  
My Very First Story Time: The Three Little Pigs: A fairy tale for reading aloud  
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5-Minute Peppa Stories 
Once Upon a Cloud  
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Sparkle Town Fairies: Rosie the Ruby Fairy  

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