What Should Be Next on Your Travel List For 2022?

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Who isn’t actually planning to make the most out of 2022? After going through what we never thought we would experience, traveling is our way to makeup for the lost time, when all we could do was limit our outings to the most necessary tasks.  

Considering 2022 as a new chapter, we have narrowed down the destinations on our bucket list to 5 and we’re sharing them with you for some inspiration!

Sardinia, Italy

With its mesmerizing white sand beaches, turquoise waters and luxury resorts, Sardinia is the pure definition of a luxurious beach destination. The star-studded place continues to be the most coveted place for a serene getaway by the sea, making it a must-visit not only the coming year, but anytime you feel like disconnecting in a sophisticated place.  

Cairo, Egypt

There is no way we could miss visiting this Egyptian city, especially with the opening of the new Grand Egyptian Museum. Besides the Pyramids of Giza, you will get a modern look at the country’s history by visiting this new cultural hub, which calls for a full-day visit on its own.  


Exploring Central Asia is easier through a visit to Uzbekistan, where independent tourism will allow you to discover the beauty of this part of the world. A convenient metro system and a high-speed rail link the city to other must-see destinations like Samarkand and Bukhara. Indulge in the intricate designs and architecture of mosques and mausoleums, and discover the country’s Silk Road history and culture, as well as the nearly-dry Aral Sea turned into a graveyard for former cargo ships. 

Loire Valley, France

Live like a royal for a few days and experience this sophisticated life at the northern edge of Pays de la Loire, after just an hour-long train ride away from Paris. For the ultimate experience, Hotel Château du Grand Lucé, which is a palace that dates back to the 1760 previously owned by an actual baron and baroness, will receive you to take your trip to new heights.  

Kyoto, Japan

Luxury hotels are what Kyoto has become famed for during the recent years. This is not all, as this extraordinary destination adds its culinary prowess to your experience by offering traditional Japanese dishes with an unparalleled contemporary flair. Exceptional hot spring baths are also what sets this place apart and makes it one of the most iconic destinations in Japan.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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