What is Maison Orient?

We find all kinds of online platforms, everywhere. But when it comes to creative brands, designers and artists, Maison Orient is the real deal! This platform offers us the authentic and rare styles we need to be distinguished, whether in the fashion or accessories department. Its mix of cultures and heritages gives us the chance to experience new creations of emerging designers. And we get the chance to do all that thanks to its founder Ayse Arel who made this possible. Who is she might you ask? She’s a talent gatherer from regions other than Europe and USA. Which leads us to question why she chose Orient. Well, with all the emerging talents from countries of the Middle East as well as the Far East and Africa, it’s a great way to shed the light on brands other than those who already gained their place in the international luxury market. But even though the platform’s sources are limited to a certain region, it aims to reach everyone, everywhere.       

Check below some of Maison Orient’s talents.

Kismet By Milka
Selissa's Jewelry
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