Welcoming the New Lunar Year, the Bottega Veneta Way

“Time is the ultimate luxury”. That’s how Bottega Veneta joins China in welcoming the New Lunar Year. As the emotion and anticipation of going back home to celebrate with family and friends inspire the brand, this universal message is communicated through a short film, a physical installation and a customizable WeChat e-card.

Entitled “Reunion in Motion”, the film directed by Jess Jing Zou captures individuals going back home through different landscapes in China, as they explore togetherness and introspection. The campaign’s launch is marked by a moving train reminiscent of the brand’s signature green, which will debut its month-long journey across China, with a logo-free, unbranded message on both of its sides: On the roads that lead home, Happy New Year.

This is not all, as Bottega Veneta also has a third gift to further bring people together. It’s through a customizable WeChat e-card featuring an artwork inspired by the concept of ‘Reunion in Motion’ that the brand prompts users to write a message using their fingertips on the condensation of a moving train window. Just magical!

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