Wedding-Perfect Shoes

Just because no one will be looking at your shoes – hello, the bridal gown – it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be picking the best heels to walk down the aisle in.

After all, it is the moment you’ve been waiting for since the day you understood the true meaning of “Fairytale wedding”, isn’t it? Fancy dress, fancy venue, fancy guests, fancy everything! And while we continue to gush over Meghan Markle’s to-die-for Royal Wedding, we’ve come to find that we too can look just as fabulous on our wedding day!

As fashion would have it, modern-day brides are not solely restricted to the color white. Indeed, other colors are totally socially acceptable one, from baby blues, to champagne hues and creamier whites. And to top it all off, the styles are now as versatile as ever, as we’ve seen a lot of heeled sandals, classic pumps and transparent shoes. But whatever you choose at the end, make sure you walk down the aisle in the confidence and poise of a Hollywood star.

Sift through the Photo Gallery below to view this season’s latest bridal picks.


Cindy Menassa

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