Venture into the Luxurious World of Moroccan Hammam with Whind

By unveiling two transformative products within a new body collection, Whind marks a significant expansion transitioning seamlessly from skincare and fine fragrances into the art of holistic body care. This new two-step body care routine – through which Whind pays homage to the beauty and ritual of the hammam at home – will offer you all that you need for the Hammam glow and the skin that has long been desirable from Morocco to the Middle East.

The venture into the luxurious world of Moroccan body care rituals starts with Marrakech Silk Exfoliating Jelly Body Balm which gets to work instantly with the natural scent of warming Amber to make you feel that golden-hour glow, mirroring the indulgence of Moroccan Hammam rituals. This 3 in 1 indulgent body treatment to cleanse, polish, and hydrate for a skin that feels nourished, plumped, and silky-smooth is charged with physical and chemical exfoliants and super hydrators that leave skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and renewed.

As for Marrakech Gleam Illuminating Moisturizing Body Cream, it comes along providing deep hydration and a radiant, sun-kissed glow reminiscent of Moroccan beauty traditions. It is a jelly body cream that offers deep, long-lasting hydration and locks in moisture to the driest of skins, leaving it looking noticeably plumped and luminous. Enriched with hydrating and brightening active ingredients, it offers boosted body care with a difference.
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