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UAE’s National Day Celebrated in Luxury

Cover Photo Courtesy of Bil Arabi featuring the Mina cuff

As the United Arab Emirates gets ready to celebrate its National Day, we take it as a momentous occasion to commemorate the country's unification through pieces that we will forever cherish. In celebration of the visionary leadership and unity that brought together seven emirates to form a strong and prosperous nation, luxury brands took part in this much-anticipated occasion through special editions of their exquisite offerings or by curating selections that celebrate the spirit of the country in the most stylish of ways.

As the UAE marks another year of progress, innovation and cultural richness, this National Day opens a new chapter in the remarkable journey of a nation that has become a global symbol of growth and development. So, in preparation for this joyous day, join us in the Photo Gallery to check out some of the best pieces that you can add to your wardrobe while making this celebration even more memorable.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad  

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