Turn Denim Into An Office-Appropriate Outfit

Ah denim, the trend we’ve all learned to love and cherish! The only problem is, sometimes our work environment doesn’t permit us to go all casual. That said, for those of us who work in corporate , wearing denim is a big no-no.

Reminiscent of the nineties, it’s easy to see why everyone’s all over the denim trend. From denim skirts, to jeans, denim jackets and denim dresses and overalls, we’ve seen this style taking over every single corner of the street. But if you want to make it seem like a natural thing to wear to work, then you must really incorporate formalwear into your wardrobe, such as a structured blazer, pumps or even a classic blouse.

So how to turn denim into acceptable workwear? The answer is right there in the Photo Gallery below. Take a cue from some streetstyle stars and put your own little spin on denim!


Cindy Menassa

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