TRYANO launches the Garden of Imagination

Tryano, the newest addition to the Chalhoub Family, opened its doors in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi earlier this week. The private viewing introduced a new concept, one of great magnitude; the emergence of beauty, bags and children’s departments.

This wonderful journey gathered socialites and visitors from all over, along with Chalhoub Group’s Co-CEO Patrick Chalhoub, General Manager of TRYANO Hamdi Kulahcioglu and Linton Crockford-Moore, the Group’s Creative Director, who offered a tour and insight on the project development from the business, operational and creative perspectives.

Little did the visitors know that they were to be taken on an extraordinary roller coaster ride, sifting through the store’s most iconic elements; beginning from the magnificent carousel, to the state-of-the-art digital fountain and finally arriving at the sculpture garden. Indeed, everyone relished in the wide-ranging menu of 250 of the most worthy international and local brands.

“We are looking forward to welcoming our Guests to TRYANO where they will embark on an enchanting journey through an array of bespoke services and a large variety of beauty, bags and children’s products from sought-after brands. TRYANO is a friendly destination where shopping is taken to a whole new level. Come and discover TRYANO and join us on a journey into the ‘Garden of Imagination”, Said Hamdi Kulahcioglu, General Manager of TRYANO.

“Today’s consumers are not only looking to purchase a certain product. They are looking for an experience; they expect to be taken on a journey. TRYANO provides customers with an experience that is simultaneously ALIVE, ENTERTAINING, SPECIALISED and REMARKABLE. The store is inspired by the nature’s changing seasons, ever evolving and ever changing. We are aiming to bring to the Abu Dhabi consumers something different; a destination of truly exceptional experiences.” said Linton Crockford-Moore, Creative Director of the Chalhoub Group.

Tryano gives a chance like no other for guests, families and children to dive into a world of endless shopping and entertainment.


Cindy Menassa

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The Beauty Secret behind Using a Face Mist

So you think that face mists are unnecessary? Well, I did too until I started using one out of curiosity! And now I can tell you that I was positively surprised, as I thought that it’s just water bottled in a can that you can spray to feel refreshed on a hot summer’s day, but it actually turned out to be much more than this. Besides refreshing your skin, face mists have so many benefits that I personally wasn’t aware of. Here are some of them!

  • A face mist hydrates your face on the go, especially if you treat yourself to one based on a formula that includes extra hydrating ingredients such as essential oils. To keep dry skin at bay, use it many times during the day if needed and the best part is that it won’t mess up your makeup!
  • Face mists also lock the moisture in if applied in between your skincare and makeup products. They also act as a primer for your makeup look. Well, let’s admit it; nothing makes your face more perfect for makeup than a smoother and more hydrated complexion.
  • Face mists make foundation blending easier than ever, while giving your look a more natural finish and making it last longer.
  • Sometimes you feel that your makeup has faded during the day and all you need – if you use a face mist – is one splash of spray to revive it, as the latter will help you re-blend your foundation without having to wash your face and start all over again.
  • And for those who have oily skin, there are face mists available to control oil production while lightly hydrating your skin.

Now, are you ready to join the face mist team?


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Why is everyone drinking Collagen?

I recently went to lunch with a friend and watched her grab a powder from her purse and add it to her coffee: “I can’t even taste it” she said.
I know I had seen it on the internet, but what does drinking collagen powder actually do for you?
First off what is collagen? We all know it as the thing that we lose as we get older, right? Well, it’s the most abundant protein in our bodies, and also another name for it is gelatin. So just eat jello? Well supplements are a healthier way of doing that. I personally just drink a bone broth and mix it into my soups in the winter for the same effect.
Back to the powder, it’s basically like a supplement and you can even take it in pill form. The cool thing about drinking these collagen powders is that it affects your entire face and body not just one area. Not only will you get a glow, but this might even help with cellulite. It’s also great for your hair, skin and nails, and most importantly your joints.

Can collagen really make a difference? It sure does, and it’s totally worth a try, but nothing really beats a healthy diet. That said, there are some side effects such as heartburn or the sensation of feeling full.


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Dior Uncovers Its First Ultra-Wear and Care Lipstick

A beauty guru definitely knows how iconic the Rouge Dior lipstick is in the beauty world and ladies we’ve got some news for you, as the French house blends this already swooning combination of color and creativity with care – resulting in what a woman would call “the perfect deal”. With care being a strong trend in the cosmetics scene today, Dior, with its share of extensive research, came up with a formula that not only provides your lips with hydration, but also uses flowers – which were ever-present in Monsieur Dior’s sources of inspiration in all fields.

“The Care has become an essential step in the creative process,” confirms Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup. “It is the very beauty of makeup that gains from this extra touch, since when you feel good, you look good.”

Rouge Dior Ultra Care colors your pout with a selection of hues ranging from raw shades to true reds, provides it with care and lasts for 12 hours. What else could make this new beauty marvel so special? In fact, its formula features 100% natural cameline oil that deeply nourishes your lips thanks to its richness in fatty acids and a derivative of jojoba oil extract in a double quantity comparing to Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge to help limit the loss of water and keep your lips perfectly hydrated.

For this new Rouge Dior chapter, the French house chose Natalie Portman, who reveals a softer and more sensual side of her character in a red sweater that recalls the softness of petals.

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Summer Haircare – How to Keep Your Golden Highlights Healthy

Cover Photo Courtesy of

Sun can be really damaging to your hair, especially if it’s dyed or contains golden highlights. That said, we only feel like exploring lighter hair colors during the summer; it’s quite the conundrum. But don’t fret, as here are some tips that will help you keep your hair in tip top shape by including additional hair care rituals to your normal routine.

  • Use deep conditioner regularly, as this product helps keep your hair healthy and shiny, especially after a hair dying session. Hair masks are also a great way to give your hair that gorgeous healthy glow. Personally, I find that coconut oil can do wonders to your hair if you keep it on overnight.
  • When at the pool, apply a protectant hair spray with SPF to avoid any damages that might be caused by the sun or chloride. 
  • Wearing a hat is also important when hanging out in the sun. So, here’s a chance to let your creativity run wild and explore different styles!
  • Avoid, at any cost, dying your hair at home. Professional hair stylists have the required expertise to change your hair color.
  • Don’t keep switching hair colors. Choose the one that you like the most and stick to it. Dying your hair regularly might be so damaging!
  • If your natural hair is dark, and you’re opting for a lighter tone, our last tip would be to work on your hair color gradually. Going light at once can cause great damage to your hair and you certainly don’t want this!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Ice: The Best Skin Secret

We all love a beauty secret, right? The best part about this is you have it in your freezer. I recently heard someone talk about how their mother did this every morning. It sounded like a great idea especially now, because it’s so hot out. So what does putting an ice cube on your face do and why haven’t I tried this before? I guess I never tried it because I thought maybe my skin is too sensitive, but it’s actually the contrary. I always get some sort of redness on my face especially if my diet has been a mess and this actually calms it down and it makes total sense.
When you ice your face, it boosts blood circulation which we all know makes you look plump and pretty. Apparently, Koreans have this well-known thing called an ice facial and it sounds so cool, literally!
Next time you get a pimple you can put some ice on it to help with the inflammation and redness.
Ever wake up after a salty dinner and your eyes look super puffy? This is the perfect remedy for your eye area.
Another great benefit is shrinking down your pores. I know when you wash your face you should do a splash of cold water at the end to make sure the pores close up, but ice would take this to the next level.
Head to your freezer in the morning ladies! It also sounds like an awesome way to wake you up!


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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What’s New in Foundation?

Cover Photo Courtesy of Guerlain

Foundation is the base of every makeup look, whether you’re wearing it for work or for a special occasion. Just like with skincare, your complexion dictates what you’re looking for in a foundation and luckily for us, there is a type for every skin. With the beauty world being so generous this year, many foundations saw the light and we are all beyond grateful!

Is your skin oily? Matte foundations are here for the rescue! And what about dry skin,  you ask? The answer is a glow enhancing foundation that gives it a kind of healthy, dewy look. There is even one for the woman on the go, ideal for touch ups during the day and easy to carry around while providing your skin with great coverage – yes, we’re talking about foundation sticks!

From Guerlain to Dior, Hourglass, Beauty Blender, Benefit Cosmetics, Fenty Beauty and CHANEL – to name a few, this year welcomed a wide range of foundation products that will surely take your makeup look to new heights. And to help you achieve this task successfully, we’ve gathered the best ones in a list that will answer all your needs. Just listen to your skin and pick yours wisely! 

Guerlain, Terracotta Skin stick foundation
Dior, Dior Forever Skin Glow foundation
Beauty Blender, The Leveler foundation
Hourglass, Vanish Seamless Finish foundation stick
CHANEL, Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint foundation
Fenty Beauty, PRO Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear foundation
Benefit Cosmetics, Hello Happy Soft Blur foundation
Sephora Collection, Glow foundation
Guerlain, L'Essentiel foundation
Dior, Backstage Face and Body foundation
Hourglass, Immaculate foundation

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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