Trending in Nails – French Mani Reimagined

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Are you a fan of French manicure? If the answer is yes, this year is yours to get creative and bold with your choices. Seen almost everywhere – literally, French manicure stole the lights in the nail arts scene and we’re so glad it did. Well, let’s admit it, many are the reasons that drive us to fall in love with this timeless nail art.

Besides being the perfect fit for every nail length and shape, French manicure proved to be very artsy. With a simple glance at your Pinterest feed, you will come to one conclusion: this nail art is here to stay with all the styles that are taking over the beauty world.

Still need some convincing to start exploring it? Join us in the Photo Gallery as we gather the most remarkable designs we’ve encountered during our Pinterest tour and get ready to start rocking your nails… the very amazing French way!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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