Trending in Beauty – Cool Eyes

Trends are what define our looks – regardless of the season, the occasion and the style. In beauty, just like in fashion, creative geniuses never miss the chance to provide us with new looks that become our favorites in no time. Yep, that’s why they are referred to as geniuses! For a decade now, we’ve been obsessing over warm eyeshadows and the endless smoky looks that they can achieve to take our makeup to new heights… Until cool tones come to change the game and take over.

After 10 years of oranges, nudes, beiges, browns and any hue that belongs to this family, the runways of Spring-Summer 2020 were filled with cool tones. Think bright mauves, vivid pinks, sky blues that looked like blueish white on some skin tones… Sparkles sometimes made looks dreamier, yet some designers decided to leave the models’ makeup raw and impactful – in a soft way fit for these bright colors of course.

Are you ready to embrace this new trend? We definitely are!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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