Top Arab Women Taking Fashion Design to a New Level

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Woman’s day is just around the corner and it’s on this fabulous occasion that we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the awesomeness that is a woman. Not that we need an excuse to celebrate all women all over the world, but it is a small gesture to put into sight the achievements that have happened throughout the year.

Indeed, this collective day of global celebration also highlights all the social, economical, political – amongst others – accomplishments that have rendered women the great bundle of force they are right now. With that in mind, there is actually no better way to put on a high pedestal a woman’s greatness than with fashion. And that’s exactly why we’ve decided to dedicate this feature to all Arab women fashion designers that have held our region’s name so high. So without further ado, here are 6 Arab fashion designers that put the F in fabulousness!

Arwa Al Banawi
She’s a Saudi fashion designer who grew up in Jeddah and spent a part of her late childhood in Switzerland as well. Her designs are therefore a gentle mix between her Arabic roots and chic and modern elements.
Madiyah Al Sharqi
She’s a member of the ruling family of Fujairah and studied in Paris to follow her dream. Yes, Emirati designer Madiyah Al Sharqi found the best of both worlds and reflected it onto her pastel-inspired collections of pure awesomeness.
Hamda Al Fahim
Growing up in Abu Dhabi, designer Hamda Al Fahim kick-started her career as an interior architect, but soon discovered her underlying passion for fashion. Specializing in eveningwear, her designs are the perfect mix between western and eastern vibes.
Razan Alazzouni
Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, artist Razan Alazzouni decided to develop her knack for all things creative in Boston, and soon took the initiative of dedicating her ingenuity to the world of design, combining fashion and art in pure harmony.
Mariam Yehya – Mrs Keepa
She’s an Egyptian-French fashion designer who started her career in the corporate world only to soon find herself attracted to the fashion industry like a moth to a flame. And thus, began her journey of fashion design, creating retro collections as dreamy as ever!
Reema Al Banna
She creates architectural pieces and gives fashion a whole new meaning. Indeed, Palestinian-born Reema Al Banna is the genius behind all those artistic numbers you find yourself wanting to buy now. Being based at the heart of the fashion industry in the UAE, the designer’s pieces are extremely experimental and playful.
Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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