Tips To Wear Your Heels with Confidence and Comfort

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Wearing heels is often accompanied by a feeling of discomfort – especially that we spend most of our days in slippers or trainers. We know that nothing can be as comfortable as flats, but a few tips and tricks can really make a difference. So, without further ado, join us to discover some of the ideas that will let you wear your heels confidently and comfortably.

  • When wearing heels, your focus should be on the way you walk. Consider it a science, as you have to engage your abs and walk heel-to-toe for a smooth appearance worthy of the street style stars seen at fashion weeks.
  • If your heels – whether pumps or high-heel boots – are new, wear them at home with thick socks before wearing them out. Doing that will allow you to stretch the areas that might cause blisters to your feet, thus making them more comfortable for your next occasion.
  • Heels should be convenient for your feet. So, let us assure you that you don’t have to wear pointed ones if your toes are wide in nature or higher than 3-inch heels if your feet are flat. In fact, wearing heels should be something to enjoy, rather than a punishment.
  • Apply moleskin or fabric plasters to the areas that your heels might pinch. Need we say more?
  • Choose secure shoes. If your feet are slipping from your heels, this won’t end well. In this case, either choose a pair with ankle straps or use heel grips if the pair you would love to wear is strapless.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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