Tips for an Efficient and Quick Home Decluttering Session

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As hard as decluttering sounds, it is as important for our peace of mind as it is for our home. We all feel uncomfortable when our home sweet home is unorganized, so the least we can do is show it some love!

When decluttering, you should always search for ways to make the process as efficient as possible, and here’s a guide to help you out:

  • Do not hesitate to expand your storage units and cabinets. This will help you tidy up your place.
  • Your kitchen wall can make the perfect space to hang pots and pans, leaving more space for other things in the cabinets.
  • Do not convince yourself that expired products – no matter what they are – can be useful at some point. To keep your things organized, dedicate 20 minutes every 3 months to go over your beauty products, canned foods and everything that could expire, and simply toss them!
  • If your cabinets are small, think of storage items that would work as a replacement for cabinets. Towels for instance would be a great way to decorate your bathroom when placed in nice, big baskets.
  • If your bedside table has one drawer, benefit from the space underneath the drawer to place a laundry basket.
  • Use the space under your bed for storage. This magical place can literally be a decluttering haven as it fits a lot of things!
  • Always remember that your coffee table should have enough cleared space for actual coffee cups and trays – and maybe a nice flower vase!
  • When it comes to your wardrobe, start off by getting rid of the pieces that you haven’t worn in two years, because let’s be real; you’re not going to wear them ever again! Organize your clothes by category or color. As for your sweaters and tops, apply the same decluttering system and organize them as you see fit. Just make sure to keep them as reachable as your space allows!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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