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Time-Pieces of Art

Cover Photo Courtesy of Cartier

Among all forms of art, the art of time is something that amazes almost every one of us. In fact, rare are the ladies that don’t own a watch that they love and carry around with them wherever they go. However, there are timepieces that take us to an imaginary world through their dial. As artsy as a watch can get, there are some time-tellers that take the art of watchmaking to new, unprecedented levels – redefining sophistication and beauty, which makes artful dials an art that every one of us fall in love with. If you wish to add such a piece to your watch collection, this “watch” year certainly treats you well. Luckily for you – and us, 2020 was filled with novelties that give the art of dials a new meaning and help us assume how attention-grabbing a wrist adorned with a beautiful timepiece can be.

Without further ado, we’ve come up with a list of time pieces that speak art through their dials and swoon you with nothing but a glimpse. Join us below and check them out! 

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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