Time Is Suspended at Harrods, and the Reason Is… Dior

Photo Copyright: Adrien Dirand

Over the past 70 years, a friendship was forged between Dior and Harrods, and it’s definitely something worth honoring. In true Dior way, the French House inaugurates the “Fabulous World of Dior” and illuminates the halls of the legendary department store. A magnetic Shepherd’s Star constitutes a central sculpture, floating at the height of 17 meters in front of the dome and guiding visitors through an experience that could only be described as magical.

In the prestigious setting, two unprecedented pop-up stores embody through their décor the beauty of the festive season, as the fairytale is completed with a multitude of original creations especially designed for the event. This is not all, as a thousand other surprises await visitors – think a poetic exhibition reproducing the architecture of Dior’s iconic locations in an amazing play on scale and proportion, and the Café Dior at Harrods launched in an ode to British culture.

And for the little ones, Dior also found a way to make this time of the year even more magical. Whether for bringing joy to them through a gift or as an opportunity to immerse them in a shopping experience like no other, Dior brings to Harrods an exclusive selection of Baby Dior products, which we couldn’t help but featuring in the Photo Gallery.

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