Thierry Wasser Recreates Guerlain’s Cuir Intense in Words

No one can depict the spirit and character of a fragrance better than the creative mind behind it, and for Guerlain’s latest fragrance “Cuir Intense”, the captivating scent comes alive again through the words of its creator, master perfumer Thierry Wasser. Luckily for us, Azyaamode got the chance to sit with this skillful perfumer and unfold the mystery of this new beauty marvel.

How can leather become a scent, might you ask? In fact, Thierry Wasser unveils the secret of “fragrancing” leather. On another note, he also talks about a few more topics such as the “Absolus d’Orient” collection in general, the first leather notes created in the beauty industry, the influence of a certain region on a fragrance, as well as the Middle East’s role in the perfume world.

Dive more into Guerlain and Thierry Wasser’s world by watching this video!

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Dior Uncovers Its First Ultra-Wear and Care Lipstick

A beauty guru definitely knows how iconic the Rouge Dior lipstick is in the beauty world and ladies we’ve got some news for you, as the French house blends this already swooning combination of color and creativity with care – resulting in what a woman would call “the perfect deal”. With care being a strong trend in the cosmetics scene today, Dior, with its share of extensive research, came up with a formula that not only provides your lips with hydration, but also uses flowers – which were ever-present in Monsieur Dior’s sources of inspiration in all fields.

“The Care has become an essential step in the creative process,” confirms Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup. “It is the very beauty of makeup that gains from this extra touch, since when you feel good, you look good.”

Rouge Dior Ultra Care colors your pout with a selection of hues ranging from raw shades to true reds, provides it with care and lasts for 12 hours. What else could make this new beauty marvel so special? In fact, its formula features 100% natural cameline oil that deeply nourishes your lips thanks to its richness in fatty acids and a derivative of jojoba oil extract in a double quantity comparing to Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge to help limit the loss of water and keep your lips perfectly hydrated.

For this new Rouge Dior chapter, the French house chose Natalie Portman, who reveals a softer and more sensual side of her character in a red sweater that recalls the softness of petals.

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A New Story with Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper Novelties

Check out Bvlgari’s Serpenti Viper novelties here.

Spring is the season of renewal and Bvlgari definitely knows a thing or two about this. So, the Italian high jewelry house unveils new Serpenti Viper marvels – adding charm and mystery to this iconic collection.

These novelties take snake scales, which constitute a cornerstone in the design and aesthetic of this line, to new levels through 3 bracelets crafted from 18-carat pink gold and colorful touches that recall the multi-colored skin of the snake. From the rich green of malachite to the fiery red of carnelian and the elegant black of onyx, you will get to explore its sources of inspiration that never cease to impress us.

Under the title of “Little Secrets of Seduction”, Bvlgari launches a new digital campaign that depicts the powerful and elegant personality of the Viper woman as it unfolds her irresistible charm. And for this campaign, the Roman jewelry house taps Nadine Nassib Njeim as 2019’s face of Serpenti Viper in the Middle East. The Lebanese actress embodies the spirit of the iconic collection through her outstanding beauty and her captivating charm.

In a series of short films, Bvlgari accompanies Nadine Njeim to different locations in order to capture the character of the Serpenti Viper woman. Her journey starts when she wakes up and turns off the alarm then starts preparing herself and wearing her jewelry as a true Bvlgari woman does. It continues with her passing through the hotel corridor, where she drops her necklace and a handsome man catches it and gets charmed by her elegance. As she sits in an Italian café and waits for her coffee, she realizes that her necklace has disappeared. Soon enough, the waiter comes and brings her the coffee along with the pendant. A bright smile illuminates her face when she discovers that the handsome man gave her back the pendant, predicting the start of a treasured love story. A true Bvlgari fairytale…

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A Ramadan Journey with Bvlgari and Aseel Omran

Bvlgari’s world of accessories is a click away…

On a beautiful and blessed Ramadan day in Old Jeddah, she woke up to a day filled with professional and familial duties. However, she has always taken those as an opportunity to prove herself and realize her dreams. As an energetic woman who’s always on the go, she never fails to embrace life with joy and positivity and that definitely shows from the elegance of her style. She’s contemporary yet always truthful to her origins and authenticity, bold yet never fails to show off that beautiful shyness, cosmopolitan yet proud of her past and heritage.

No one is better than Aseel Omran to embody this woman filled with contradictions that make her personality nothing less than complete. An artist and social media influencer in her own right, she takes us on a journey to the streets of Old Jeddah while highlighting the importance of the integration between the past and the present. In fact, that’s her way in boldly striving for a better future while having that respect and nostalgic feeling for the past.

Celebrating this blessed month, she leaves her house accompanied by her bag from Bvlgari’s Ramadan capsule collection that was exclusively dedicated to the Middle East region and starts her journey. She completes her elegant look with this beauty that brings together emerald green and a brownish red hue and never fails to take her from day to night in a unique style.

And if you think that this journey with Bvlgari has come to an end, you’re absolutely wrong. This journey is not all about the historic Jeddah, but also about its contemporary side. In a second video, join us as we accompany Aseel during her visit to an exhibition entitled ATHR. Diving in the contemporary art world, she highlights the importance of the present and all it offers us while she carries this versatile Bvlgari bag from the Middle East-exclusive Ramadan Capsule collection.

After all, what more could we expect from Bvlgari and Aseel Omran coming together than the perfect combination of authenticity, audacity and fashionable style?

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4 minutes with Lily-Rose Depp

You’ve probably heard this name time and time again and you’ve probably seen her walking the CHANEL runways in her majestic demure and fronting many of the Maison’s big campaigns as well. But who is that angelic-faced blonde sensation whose picturesque silhouette and raw magnetism are all everyone can talk about?

Meet Lily-Rose Depp, Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp’s offspring, a 19-year old French-American actress and model who could only be described as down-to-earth and humble. Basking in the fame of her parents might not be her thing, but working hard on climbing her way up the success ladder definitely is. And with CHANEL written in bold letters on her portfolio, who wouldn’t love to hear more about her relationship with the Maison?

We, at Azyaamode, have had the fabulous opportunity to meet up with the little starlet and safe to say, she’s had a lot to say about CHANEL, Karl Lagerfeld and the Cruise 2020 runway show.

You’re the youngest face ever of CHANEL and some might say you’ve even followed your mother down the CHANEL runway. What was it like to become the Maison’s muse and ambassadress just like your mother?

Well it all started at a really young age, as I’ve always loved CHANEL and I’ve always seen it as this classy, elegant and timeless Fashion House. I actually grew up idolizing CHANEL, and I love everything that they made and still do!

Can you tell us more about your relationship with the late Karl Lagerfeld?

The memories I have with Karl Lagerfeld are just perfect, I am so grateful to have worked with such a genius and it’s an honor to have known the person that he was. And it’s all way beyond his genius because he was truly an amazing and kind person, and to find someone who is not only a legend but to also have a pure-hearted soul is as unique as ever. He truly loved and cherished his team and he was loyal to the core! So yeah, to have known him is one of the biggest honors!

What’s your first memory of yourself wearing CHANEL?

Well I always used to steal my mother’s CHANEL pieces, but perhaps my very first piece was a pink CHANEL purse my mother gave me and to be honest I still have it and I wear it all the time – it’s a timeless piece.

What did you think of Virginie Viard’s first solo CHANEL show?

She did so amazing! I was really blown away because nobody knew Lagerfeld better than she did and she truly carried his legacy in such a magical way, infusing her own special touch as well.

Are there any future plans on the CHANEL front?

I really can’t tell you exactly but all I can say is that I love working with CHANEL and I’m very lucky to be able to say that I’ll be continuing down this path…

Have you been to the Middle-East?

No, I haven’t visited the Middle East yet but I’ve always wanted to! Hopefully soon!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Backstage with Peter Philips - A Look Into Dior’s Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Beauty Look 

We still can’t get over the charm that Dior brought to Dubai with its Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture show. Besides the beautiful runway show, the action backstage was amazing. As the models were getting prepared for their runway appearance, Azyaamode got the chance to have a little chitchat with Image and Creative Director of Dior Makeup, the one and only Peter Philips.

In fact, this video captures the essence of the creative mind’s vision for the show’s beauty look. In these few minutes, Peter Philips talks details - from the way this catwalk makeup look was created, to the inspiration behind it, how this look be altered to fit a modern woman’s beauty needs and the way he works with Maria Grazia Chiuri in order to come up with a beauty look for a runway show. And if you think that the entire video is about the show’s makeup look, you’re absolutely wrong, as he also talks about the Middle Eastern woman’s beauty, as well as his list of must-have Dior Makeup products. 


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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A Beauty Game with CHANEL’s Rouge Coco Flash

When it comes to beauty, CHANEL is definitely a code-breaker! This season, and just in time for summer, the French house treated us to a lipstick that has everything a woman could ask for. Ladies, please welcome the all-new “Rouge Coco Flash” to the beauty scene, and get ready to make it your all-time companion.

Ok, so let’s tell you a bit about this new beauty wonder. What’s usually on the list that makes a lipstick a woman’s favorite? Yes, the 3 golden characteristics which are color, shine and intensity, and luckily for us, this one is A-Okay! While our model playfully applies it on her pout and tries out stunning colors from this rich collection, you can instantly realize how comfortable it seems and in a single stroke, she turns her lips into a source of shine and light.

In fact, CHANEL certainly knows what her woman needs and never fails to deliver. For this summer, colors of high intensity and shine are in, as women celebrate the hot season in the most glamorous of ways.


- Rouge Coco Flash in Désir
- Rouge Coco Flash in Attitude
- Rouge Coco Flash in Chicness
- Rouge Coco Flash in Enthusiasm
- Rouge Coco Flash in Fire
- Rouge Coco Flash in Ultime

Director of Production: Vladimir Zelenskiy, The Factory Production Studio

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