The Waxing Wait Is Over with Benefit Cosmetics

After the COVID-19 lockdown, you must be in a serious need to pamper your brows, and who’s better than Benefit Cosmetics to serve you with the best? The brand has been in the brow field for over 40 years and has always made sure to meet the highest safety standards. Now more than ever, being safe is a must, that’s why Benefit has trained its teams to take additional precautions to meet your expectations.

Their day starts with a self-screening questionnaire and temperature check before work. Wearing a mask has become a necessity for both employees and consumers, while employees are required to sanitize their hands before putting gloves on, before touching anything or every 30 minutes. Upon store opening, all Brow Bar stations and chairs are sanitized and disinfected every hour and after every service. In order to respect social distancing, costumers are placed 6 feet apart from each other. This is not all, as further cleaning measures are taken by using disposable materials and for the non-disposable tools such as scissors and tweezers, a thorough disinfection is done immediately after service. Finally, contamination is also a risk that is not worth taking. Therefore, testers are only handled by brow experts and sanitized before and after every single use, while disposable applicators are also part of avoiding cross-contamination.

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