The Top “Suit” Mistakes You’re Making

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When life gets hard, we should always look at the bright side. Life is not going to stay this way forever; so why don’t we think about a brighter tomorrow where you will be wearing your suit again?
So, contrary to popular belief, being a man doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t be aware of your fashionable choices, let alone forget about your fashion sense. Because thankfully, we’re not living in the stone ages anymore and you are more than allowed to display some stylish choices in that area. But there’s also, a fine line between being stylish and trying too hard to make it happen. So which one are you?

Don’t answer that question yet. Instead, step in front of a mirror and prepare a list of all the things you would like to change, outfit-wise. Yes, even the most fashionable one of us can get derailed from the “stylish zone”.

And so, to help you dress better, we’ve compiled a series of big mistakes some men do while wearing suits.

  1. Wearing a suit that is too large. We’re not in the 90s in a suburb in the US, so pick a well fitted suit, please!
  2. Wearing a suit that is too tight. The answer here is not black or white. If there’s one rule every man should follow, that is to always get his suit tailored to his proportions.
  3. Unbuttoning his shirt to the point of no return. Enough said.
  4. Wearing white socks with a suit. Generally speaking, one should always wear socks that match the trousers.
  5. Having a dress shirt…untucked. Do whatever you want with your casual shirt but leave your dress shirt alone.
  6. Not wearing a belt. Because why wouldn’t you?
  7. Wearing a tie that is too short, or too long. There’s something called “middle-sized” and that’s your go-to length. Your tie should be resting between the top and bottom of your belt buckle.
  8. Wearing a tie that is too wide. Do we really need to elaborate on that?

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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