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The Story behind Celebrities and Their Red Carpet Jewelry

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For celebrities, shining bright on the red carpet of any event is part of the glam. In fact, the overall look of a star is what makes headlines, as her red-carpet photos spread like wildfire minutes after the shots are taken. We’re not only talking about fashion in this case, but also about the sparklers that she chooses to pair her gown or outfit with. In fact, choosing the right jewelry look for a red-carpet appearance is quite the process.

Although it’s said that the prices of the jewelry worn by celebs at major events range between $200,000 and $1million, depending on the pieces, they actually don’t pay a penny for them. In fact, some of them get paid to wear the jewelry of a certain house, in order to promote the valuable pieces – which works like magic because social media accounts burst with hashtags and captions that highlight the star’s beauty and the glory of the jewels! Yes, times have changed and stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins who used to buy their own jewelry are pretty rare nowadays.

That’s not all, as some jewelry houses take the opportunity to showcase new exquisite jewelry pieces on the red carpet and this a very smart way to see their designs on an A-List celebrity, who is usually given the option to choose between approximately 6 sets of jewelry selected by her stylist. Once all the magic is done and her pictures have made it to every fashion luxury social media platform and so much more, these sparkling pieces, that every woman wishes she owned, are returned to the jewelry houses.

That said, the one risk that every jewelry house faces with the process of lending is that an earring or a bracelet may fall off the celebrity without her noticing, and might get lost in the crowd. But that is rare, and a risk worth taking!  


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Go Bold with a Bigger Timepiece

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For the bold souls out there, this feature is for you! Some women may think that elegance lies in classic designs, but this is far from being true. Elegance is in the taste and the details that make a woman’s eyes sparkle at the first glance. So, it’s only natural for those of us who like to flaunt their audacious side to see in bigger timepieces what they look for in a must-have.

When choosing an oversized wristwatch that, despite its dimensions, never lacks elegance, style and sophistication, you might want to broaden your search and check all the options available to you. Investing in such a watch is not like purchasing a classic timepiece that goes with absolutely everything you might wear, as they tend to look sportier than other creations. Therefore, opting for an all-gold timepiece, in which audacity lies in design details, or one with a diamond-set case that adds an unparalleled touch of femininity to it is the best direction you might take.

With this in mind, we decided to narrow down your choices and show you a list of the best bold wristwatches out there, without compromising on elegance, versatility and sophistication.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Pamper Yourself with Exquisite Rubies on Your Birthday

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July is well underway and if your birthday was or will be anytime soon during this month, then your attention should turn to rubies. Well, there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to an exquisite jewelry piece you can add to your box of treasures, and have it remind you of this special day every time you show it off! On your birthday, you should be enjoying a sophisticated gift that you either treat yourself to or get as a gift from one of your closest loved ones.

Also known as the king of gems, rubies have fascinated humanity since the dawn of time. This extremely rare stone was a favorite among royalty, style mavens and Hollywood A-listers alike. Believed to hold the power of life, this precious gem was a constant companion on battles for its protective properties. Some people like the Hindus see it as radiant as the newly risen sun.

Rubies come in various shades of red. From brownish red to a more orangey shade, purplish or pinkish hues, it all depends on what makes your eyes sparkle with joy the most. However, the most prized color would definitely be the vivid crimson with a hint of blue.

No matter which one you pick, this high jewelry piece you’re about to invest in will be one to be passed on from a generation to another.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Fancy a New High Jewelry Timepiece?

Cover Photo Courtesy of Harry Winston

Nothing beats the sophistication and the exquisiteness of a high jewelry piece, so what if it was one that tells you the time with elegance while adding a one-of-a-kind sparkle to your wrist? As magical as this may sound, it’s also essential to know that a high jewelry timepiece constitutes a great addition to any woman’s jewelry box for many reasons.

First and foremost, the occasions that require such a sophisticated watch are numerous, making it a must-have for the ladies who have a knack for both jewelry and watchmaking. Adding such a piece to your collection gives you another reason to take your look to new heights, be it for a wedding, a gala dinner or any special event you’re attending. Besides that, the creations presented to the high jewelry and watchmaking scene this year are simply irresistible, which makes for a good and convincing reason to invest in one regardless of any other motive. After all, your charm depends on that extra sparkle that you add to your outfit on a special day and brings out your tasteful elegance.

From Cartier to Chopard, Harry Winston, CHANEL and Piaget, the universe is on your side and ready to fill you with happiness through exquisite time-tellers. Check out our list of the 10 timepieces that redefine high jewelry in the most gracious of ways.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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The 10 Bangles You Need in Your Jewelry Box

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Among all the jewelry pieces that a woman could own, bangles are a staple that seemed to have left the fashionable scene, but they soon made a comeback with a never-seen-before power to take over the jewelry box of every stylish woman who loves jewels. Whether it’s thin or thick, every bangle we’ve seen through the past few years left a special impression in the world of jewelry; an impression that perfectly embodies the vision and aesthetic values of the house that created it.

The result is nothing less than a wide selection of pieces that paved their way to the list of icons that every jewelry enthusiast should invest in. Be it a bangle that you’re choosing to join the many styles that adorn your wrist and take your daily look to new levels of fun, or one that is set with diamonds to complete a charming evening look, the world offers you a selection of options that will never fail to make you look even more charming and fashionable.

Below you will find a list of 10 iconic creations that are worth adding to your treasures. Check them out and let the shopping begin!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Chaumet Unveils Les Ciels de Chaumet High Jewelry Collection

Photo Credit: Lueurs d’Orage earrings from Chaumet’s Les Ciels de Chaumet high jewelry collection

Chaumet constantly expresses its passion for arts through exquisite jewelry pieces, and this time was no exception. This year, the house celebrates this correlation with Les Ciels de Chaumet, a high jewelry collection that takes from the sky in all its states its main inspiration.

Through its extensive heritage and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, Chaumet translates its perception of vastness and its association with nature into exceptional pieces, ones that are made to speak to the most elegant of women. Tackling this theme is not a first for this French high jewelry house, as creating jewels inspired by the celestial vault in its journey in this field dates back to the 19th century. Tiaras, head jewelry, brooches, necklaces and earrings bring the skies to life, giving them a glittery and elegant appearance while celebrating the modernity of femininity.

This collection reinvents the sky’s many moods: while Les Fulgurances du Ciel evokes the stars’ nighttime journey, Les Couleurs du Ciel captures a sun that is sometimes radiant with light and some others tinted with nocturnal nuances. The clouds are captured in Les Caprices du Ciel, while the birds bring their energy and elegance to the collection through pieces from Les Habitants du Ciel selection.

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Piaget Takes Us on a Journey to the Desert with Golden Oasis High Jewelry Collection

With every high jewelry collection, Piaget takes us on a dreamy journey to a place where charm and captivating landscapes prevail. Imagine a breath-taking scene captured in a high jewelry piece, in which gold, precious stones and creativity do the talking. It’s a swooning combination of beauty that few words can describe.

Finding inspiration in the mysterious curves of the desert landscape, Golden Oasis high jewelry collection perfectly captures the vivid light and intense hues from dusk till dawn. It channels desert life in its three different facets: Play of Lights, Desert Minerals and Native Bloom – forming an exquisite selection of pieces bursting with energy and splendor.

After all, it’s all crafted in pure Piaget style to take us through precious works of art to a dreamy land that is made even more charming in high jewelry language. While the infinite skies above the rolling desert come alive in Play of Light pieces, Desert Minerals celebrates the purity of raw life and Native Bloom honors the nuances of nature’s perfection and unparalleled energy.

Since pictures speak louder than words, join us below to take a look at these marvels.

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