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The Story behind Celebrities and Their Red Carpet Jewelry

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For celebrities, shining bright on the red carpet of any event is part of the glam. In fact, the overall look of a star is what makes headlines, as her red-carpet photos spread like wildfire minutes after the shots are taken. We’re not only talking about fashion in this case, but also about the sparklers that she chooses to pair her gown or outfit with. In fact, choosing the right jewelry look for a red-carpet appearance is quite the process.

Although it’s said that the prices of the jewelry worn by celebs at major events range between $200,000 and $1million, depending on the pieces, they actually don’t pay a penny for them. In fact, some of them get paid to wear the jewelry of a certain house, in order to promote the valuable pieces – which works like magic because social media accounts burst with hashtags and captions that highlight the star’s beauty and the glory of the jewels! Yes, times have changed and stars like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins who used to buy their own jewelry are pretty rare nowadays.

That’s not all, as some jewelry houses take the opportunity to showcase new exquisite jewelry pieces on the red carpet and this a very smart way to see their designs on an A-List celebrity, who is usually given the option to choose between approximately 6 sets of jewelry selected by her stylist. Once all the magic is done and her pictures have made it to every fashion luxury social media platform and so much more, these sparkling pieces, that every woman wishes she owned, are returned to the jewelry houses.

That said, the one risk that every jewelry house faces with the process of lending is that an earring or a bracelet may fall off the celebrity without her noticing, and might get lost in the crowd. But that is rare, and a risk worth taking!  


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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