The Ongoing Journey of the Estée Lauder Companies against Breast Cancer

For more than 30 years now, The Estée Lauder Companies has been at the forefront of supporting the global breast cancer community and dedicated to advancing possibilities for people around the world. Back then, breast cancer wasn’t spoken about openly so Evelyn H. Lauder saw an opportunity to bring awareness of the disease and address stigmas in women’s health thus co-creating, in 1992, the pink ribbon and founding The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign (The Campaign) - inspiring a global movement around The Campaign’s mission to help create a breast cancer-free world for all. The Campaign is a testament to Evelyn’s legacy and ELC’s authentic heritage as a global corporate leader in breast cancer. Between lifesaving global research, education, and medical services, continuous funds are dedicated to this campaign along with advocating for greater awareness and early detection.

Continuing its inspiring journey, the Estée Lauder Companies Middle East launched this October the awareness campaign “I Never Thought” which emphasizes the journey following a cancer diagnosis and underscores the significance of early detection to improve the chances of recovery and inspire a renewed sense of hope for a fulfilling life. This campaign showcases the stories of breast cancer survivors Stephanie EL Khoury, Josette Awwad, Mayadah Bahareth, and Sahar Bahrawi, as well as advocates Hani Soubra and Dr. Houriya Kazim. These stories are crafted to significantly raise awareness about breast cancer and the critical importance of early detection across the Middle East.

In short, this campaign aims to unite Estée Lauder Companies Middle East's partners and the community in empowering individuals of all ages, including both women and men, to come together in the fight against this disease. However, this ongoing journey definitely won’t end here especially since ELC Middle East is embarking on a wider initiative by illuminating iconic landmarks across the region. These symbolic landmarks across the Gulf join a global movement as buildings around the world light up in pink, standing united in the fight against breast cancer.

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