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The Middle East in Capsule High Jewelry Collection by CHANEL

Mad about pearls, Gabrielle Chanel never missed the chance to wear these white shimmery gems. Day or night, with sportswear or evening wear, they accompanied her like a talisman. She was overwhelmed by their beauty, moon-like glow and childish roundness. With her strong instinct for women’s beauty, she believes that pearls capture the light, illuminate her face and draw out the sparkle in her eyes.

It’s with a capsule high jewelry collection dedicated to the Middle East that CHANEL brings this identity to light. Entitled “Secrets d’Orients”, it evokes the warm colors of the region as well as the geometry of the mashrabiya pattern. Using Akoya pearls and imperial topaz, the pieces stand out by their opulent and fluid design thanks to dangling pearls and very supple precious chains crafted from diamond-paved gold.

With Mademoiselle Chanel’s interpretation of women’s beauty, these marvels certainly don’t lack that sparkle that makes every woman look and feel beautiful – and if that’s not the point of a house that masters the exquisiteness of jewelry, then what is?

Join us to discover these opulent high jewelry pieces of CHANEL’s “Secrets d’Orients” collection, which is available at CHANEL Watches & Jewellery boutiques in Dubai.

Secrets d’Orients Perles bracelet
Secrets d’Orients Perles earrings
Secrets d’Orients Perles necklace
Secrets d’Orients Topaze bracelet
Secrets d’Orients Topaze necklace
Secrets d’Orients Topaze ring

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