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The Latest from Gucci in the Jewelry and Watches World

As we take a closer look at Gucci’s new campaign, we fall deeper in love with its creativity, craftsmanship, and mastery. With great attention to detail, and through the lens of photographer and director Ezra Petronio, the House shed light on the amazing Interlocking G and GG Running jewelry along with G-Timeless and Gucci Dive timepieces. Both the Interlocking G and GG Running lines presented in unison within the campaign feature variations on the House’s signature GG logo. Yellow and white gold with a dash of the most sparkling diamonds added their charm to the different creations. On one hand, the latest Interlocking G pieces, including necklaces, earrings and rings, are crafted in yellow and white gold and peppered with pavé diamonds. On another hand, the GG Running designs include open-shank bracelets in yellow and white gold with diamond detailing. As for the G-Timeless watch collection – which its marvels are all adorned with 15 intricately-made bees on the dial, it combines a classicist style with a contemporary aesthetic and 2 designs featuring striking malachite dials that are here to catch some extra attention.

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