The Camellia, a CHANEL Icon

The Camellia has always been a special flower at CHANEL, especially in its beauty department. Cherished by Mademoiselle Chanel, it led to many years spent cultivating, observing and experimenting in the French House’s open-sky laboratories located in various climatic zones around the globe. And between the green hills of Béarn and Adour, in the heart of the village of Gaujacq, CHANEL has been leading a project of an exceptional scale around the camellia that was initiated in collaboration with Jean Thoby, International Camellia Expert, who has been cultivating a unique botanical conservatory garden for several decades. With Philippe Grandry, Crop Operations Manager of CHANEL at the Farm, and Nicola Fuzzati, Director of Innovation and Development of Cosmetic Ingredients who is heading the Gaujacq Phytoanalysis Laboratory, CHANEL guarantees the production conditions for the flower emblematic of its skincare products.

Dedicated to the creation of natural active ingredients of quality, exclusive to the House, which are used in the composition of CHANEL skincare products, this laboratory definitely sets the bar high.   

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