The Beauty Is in Your Eyes

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Regardless of your age, eye creams should have their share of importance in your skincare routine. In fact, these beauty marvels that we might have underestimated for a while are your guaranteed way to give the skin around your eyes the smoothness and radiance needed to brighten up your whole face.

When choosing your eye cream, look after the results you want to achieve according to the actual state of your eyes. However, it’s not only about the ingredients, but also about the way you apply your eye cream. So, here’s a quick guide on how to apply it: Use your ring finger as it provides the gentlest touch and don’t be stingy, pick a pea-sized amount of product and tap small dots under your eyes starting in the inner corner and moving outwards. While making sure to avoid applying too close to your lower eyelashes, pat the product into your skin without rubbing and wait 2 minutes before moving to your next skincare step until the cream fully absorbs.

Now that you’re aware on how to proceed, let us show you some of the eye creams we swear by! 

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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