The Beach Bags You Have to Own

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Are you really a beach-lover if you haven’t already thought about what beach bag you’re going to carry once you hit the pool? We all know the straw bags we love and cherish once the sun sets, but what we’ve failed to notice is the galore of other styles we can also adopt during summertime.

So imagine you’re going on a little weekend getaway with your family, your friends or your other half. You’ve got everything sorted out, from the outfits you’re going to don oh-so-glamorously, to the swimsuits you’re going to dazzle with, the accessories you’re going to wear and the destinations you’re going to go to. You’ve even handled the suitcase-part of the whole conundrum. But our question is, where are you going to store your sunscreen, towel, sunglasses and other miscellaneous accessories? Well fear not, milady. We’ve got just the solution for you. If you want to have a stress-free vacation, all you need to do is pick a fabulous beach bag to go with all your swimwear, and you’re golden!

That said, we’ve picked out the best beach bags to hit the market as we speak. Scroll away!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

Available at Bloomingdale’s – Dubai
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