The 7 Makeup Looks to Make Your Days at Home Brighter

Nothing can make a woman happier and her day brighter more than looking beautiful and feeling good in her own skin. We know that during a lockdown, that’s exactly what we need so, it’s very important to follow a routine that makes these days spent at home nearly as easy as a day of what we used to call “our normal life”.

The first thing you need to do as soon as you wake up is your skincare routine, which will give you the feeling that nothing has changed. After a good cup of coffee or tea, change into some loungewear – yes, staying in your pajamas is definitely not the way to go! Then, makeup… Yes, you read that right!
Of course, you don’t want to feel crazy that you’re applying makeup to stay home, but a simple look can really turn your frown upside down. Maybe a no-makeup makeup look, that just makes you feel good is what you need. Let’s show you some inspiring looks from the runways that are made just for that!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Don’t you love that flawless skin? Bronzed cheeks and full brows just as seen on the Roland Mouret runway.
​Those raspberry lips seen at the Emilia Wickstead show will definitely win the hearts of the woman in quest for a way to add color to her day!
We don’t know about you, but nothing makes us feel better more than glossy lips and this hint of pink on the eyes as seen at CHANEL’s show is just perfect for that “happy” feel.
From Blumarine to every woman who wants to show off her bold side, but in a subtle way… This simple cat eye is just to die for!
Fresh skin, naturally thick brows and slightly tinted lips à la Sportmax is the new definition of a no-makeup makeup look.
Who wouldn’t give anything for such a glow? Dior’s take on glowing skin with that perfect winged liner, is just amazing!
Aigner’s rosy cheeks and lips makes us all smile… They have freshness written all over them. 
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