The 5 Suits Every Man Needs

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Suits are essential in every man’s wardrobe, and when it comes to style, you’ve got to be fully covered for any occasions or meetings that could come up and surprise you. Well, needless to say, a stylish man is not only ready for every outing that comes his way, but also for the more formal ones. This brings us to the question: what are the suits that you should invest in?

Suits come in many cuts, styles and colors. However, it’s the classic ones that would last you a lifetime, especially when you choose the most versatile colors out there. While you can always up your fashion game with the accessories you wear with your suit – think a classic pair of brogues, some stylish driving shoes or a pair of white sneaks, the base will remain a timeless one that fits your lifestyle. In order to inspire you, we’ve prepared 5 suits that you could consider as the canvas of many stylish days ahead. To the Photo Gallery!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

Look 1 - The navy suit... because, well, it's certainly timeless
Gucci shirt
Salvatore Ferragamo tie
Tod's belt
Tod's driving shoes


Look 2 - The grey suit... and why not add a twist to it?
Dior double-breasted jacket
Dior pants
Dior shirt
Flake socks
Dior Derby shoes


Look 3 - The black suit... a timeless staple
Giorgio Armani suit
Louis Vuitton turtle neck
Louis Vuitton boots
Giorgio Armani messenger bag
Hermès scarf


Look 4 - The summer suit... for some freshness
Tom Ford blazer
Tom Ford pants
Burberry shirt
Hermès belt
Hermès espadrilles


Look 5 - The patterned suit... to add some character to your wardrobe
Saint Laurent patterned jacket
Saint Laurent pants
Saint Laurent white shirt
Saint Laurent tie
Christian Louboutin loafers

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