Take a Break with a Weekender Bag

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So you need a vacation? Well so do we! And the best way to do so is with your favorite travel companion, the all-mighty weekender bag.

Now we don’t mean to dismiss the carry-on’s chance to make it to the must-have list of travel essentials, but there’s something about a good old weekender bag that makes us forget about everything else. Think about it, when you’re going on a weekend getaway and have already made up your mind about what you’re packing, you definitely don’t need the hassle of a larger carry-on. This particular scenario only requires you to have a sturdy, fashionable and large enough bag to carry all your must-haves. With that in mind, we’ve come to find that in order to keep yourself sane and your back safe, a weekender bag should be high on top of your list. From colored ones to more standard styles, we’ve scoured the best weekender bags to accompany you on your weekend getaways!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

Louis Vuitton

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Metier London
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Anya Hindmarch
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