Summer’s in Her Eyes

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A sun-kissed skin, a colorful look and lightness taking over your style in every possible way… This is what summer is all about. Add to these a flawless, light makeup that’s all about a trendy eye look, and you’re good to go! This might not sound as easy as you’d like it to be, but with a little bit of practice and some effort to explore what’s trending the most this season, you will find this whole thing a piece of cake.

In fact, many are the ladies who find applying eyeshadow the right way kind of tricky – and to be honest, I am definitely one of them. However, I’ve come to realize that with a good set of brushes, you can achieve any look flawlessly. Well, let’s get to it! Start by applying a base color on your whole eyelid, then apply the darker shade on the crease. For additional depth, define your lash-line with a super-dark hue that you smudge for a natural effect. And since shimmer is never boring, apply some to the inner corner of your eye and a tiny bit under your brows to add lift to their look. Quite easy, right? Now, let us take you through our favorite 6 eye looks!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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