Summer Haircare – How to Keep Your Golden Highlights Healthy

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Sun can be really damaging to your hair, especially if it’s dyed or contains golden highlights. That said, we only feel like exploring lighter hair colors during the summer; it’s quite the conundrum. But don’t fret, as here are some tips that will help you keep your hair in tip top shape by including additional hair care rituals to your normal routine.

  • Use deep conditioner regularly, as this product helps keep your hair healthy and shiny, especially after a hair dying session. Hair masks are also a great way to give your hair that gorgeous healthy glow. Personally, I find that coconut oil can do wonders to your hair if you keep it on overnight.
  • When at the pool, apply a protectant hair spray with SPF to avoid any damages that might be caused by the sun or chloride. 
  • Wearing a hat is also important when hanging out in the sun. So, here’s a chance to let your creativity run wild and explore different styles!
  • Avoid, at any cost, dying your hair at home. Professional hair stylists have the required expertise to change your hair color.
  • Don’t keep switching hair colors. Choose the one that you like the most and stick to it. Dying your hair regularly might be so damaging!
  • If your natural hair is dark, and you’re opting for a lighter tone, our last tip would be to work on your hair color gradually. Going light at once can cause great damage to your hair and you certainly don’t want this!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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