Stylish and Ready to Hit the Slopes

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It’s almost time to hit the slopes and speaking of which, planning for your ski vacation is well underway, we assume. And who said that skiing is only about the fun, when you can put your effort into looking stylish against the snow-white backdrop surrounding you? Such an Instagram-able moment must we say!

Now let’s talk fashion! Have you prepared yourself for your ski vacation? We know that the GCC isn’t very inspiring in terms of winter clothing but we bet the fashion world and the trends that come out of it are! So, let us save you the extensive research and inspire you in our very own way. In fact, to do so, we concocted 5 looks that will certainly be the talk of the slopes. Check them out then after buying your plane ticket, hit the mall for some serious shopping!

Look 1

JETSET overall
JETSET fur jacket
Bogner boots
Goldbergh mittens
Dior and AK SKI snowboard


Look 2

Perfect Moment pants
Perfect Moment sweater
Perfect Moment jacket
Isabel Marant boots
Chloé ski helmet


Look 3

Fendi pants
Fendi jacket
Fendi boots
Fendi ski gloves
Fendi ski mask


Look 4

Moncler pants
Moncler sweater
Moncler jacket
Moncler boots
Goldbergh hood


Look 5

Bogner pants
We Norwegians shirt
Coach jacket
Coach boots
CELINE goggles



Look 6

Dior pants
Dior parka
Dior and POC goggles
Dior and POC helmet
Dior and AK SKI poles

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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