Stay Home and Make Your Own Beauty Products

Staying home certainly has some benefits – if not many. Besides dedicating a few days for self-care and spending some quality time with your kids, quarantining can help you discover how many beauty recipes can be done from the comfort of your own home! Yes, we’re talking about simple ingredients that morph into beauty marvels in your kitchen… Join us below and check some of them!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

A luxurious rose milk recipe is a must to take your bath to new heights. Mix full-fat powdered milk with Epsom salt, dried rose petals and rose essential oil, and add them to your warm bath!
To get a great face scrub, finely mix ground dried rose petals, dried chamomile and oats, with full-fat powdered milk and rose essential oil. Use them to scrub your face in circular motion for 10 minutes.
Nothing can soothe your skin like a gentle cleansing mask. To get the perfect one at home, mix milk, honey and oats and let this blend work its magic!
With all the hand sanitizers that we’re using, it’s only natural to show our hands some love and by love, we mean a good homemade scrub. A mixture of milk, honey and ground almonds is the best to relieve dryness and improve skin texture. Add an essential oil for additional fragrance.
Now the lips! Every one of us has at least one lip balm that she doesn’t like, so now is the time to use it. Mash it and mix it with some honey and sugar and you’ve got yourself a great lip scrub.
Matcha stimulates hair growth, so why not use it to make a homemade hair lotion? Mix some matcha powder with shea butter or virgin coconut oil and watch some new hair follicules grow!
After washing your hair, the latter needs a boost of hydration which is usually provided by a conditioner. And here’s a way to prepare a natural one. Soak a quarter of a cup of oatmeal in 250mls of warm water and when it dissolves, pour it onto your hair while making sure to cover every strand, including your scalp. Wrap your hair in a towel for 3 or 4 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Now your hair is silky to perfection!
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