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I don’t think we ever need a reason to add more books to our libraries, but why not make the beginning of a new year our excuse? New releases are published almost every day and well, we can’t be any more grateful. However, even though we might like reading a lot, we still won’t have the time to read every book out there. This is why we decided to share with you a few of our favorites to help you settle on something you really shouldn’t miss.   

Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh
Written by Abloh’s close collaborator Anders Christian Madsen and published by Assouline, this book is part of a very interesting world. It’s the first one on the visionary designer since his passing. Also accompanied by in-depth captions that allow the reader to contextualize every stage of the designer’s story – both personal and professional – at Louis Vuitton, it becomes even more interesting to read.
Valentino Rosso
The least we can say about the new Valentino release is that it’s a masterpiece. Written by Charlie Porter, this book continues the Valentino story showcasing its glorious history and aesthetic identity. As its name shows, it reveals a lot about the staple red color in the House; It turns out there are more than 550 different palettes of the iconic Valentino Red present in the Maison's archives.
Jean Nouvel by Jean Nouvel
Available at Taschen
Jean Nouvel and Philip Jodidio worked on this beautiful release to help us discover the works of France’s celebrated architect. With a complete overview of the architect’s career, this book lets you into the world of architecture in the most amazing way – especially with all its graphics!
Interiors Now! 40th Ed.
A work of Taschen, this release offers you an endless source of inspiration. It’s a compilation of the world’s most original contemporary homes with stunning images from acclaimed interior photographers.
Dior: The Legendary 30, Avenue Montaigne
Celebrate the reopening of 30, avenue Montaigne and the opening of La Galerie Dior with unprecedented history telling of the hallmark Haute Couture House headquarters. Written by Maureen Footer, Jérôme Hanover and Olivier Flaviano, this door to the Dior world shouldn’t be missed!
Jewelry Guide: The Ultimate Compendium
Available at Assouline
French author and editor Fabienne Reybaud walks readers through all of jewelry’s facets while highlighting the world’s most mythical stones and magnificent pieces. With the atelier images, original sketches, and colorful photography, jewelry enthusiasts will find everything they need to know, and even more!

​Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi
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