Spruce up Your Home with a Nature-Themed Cushion

Cover Photo Courtesy of House of Hackney

Adding our touches to our home is a never-ending mission. We feel like something can always be done to make a few changes here and there, especially that lately we’re spending relatively more time inside due to the still-spreading Corona virus. However, we can’t constantly make drastic adjustments to our interior so we go with subtler yet effective modifications. That’s where cushions come to the rescue.

Now that the hot season is around the corner, why not embrace it with a new theme? Think of nature with its flora and fauna wonders. Think of something fierce, bold yet elegant and luxurious, something as aggressive as a tiger and the jungle or as gentle as a ladybug and a sea star. But then again, you can always go for a magical creature as colorful as a unicorn.

Whether with a tiger printed cushion from Versace, a Louis Vuitton one with red rose petals or cushions perfectly completed with different animals and plants from Hermès, Gucci, Etro or other prestigious brands, your home will immediately get a new spirit once you set them up.  

Article Written by Gabrielle El Kosseifi

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