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Splendid Times, Halfway Between Watchmaking and the Art of Jewelry

Cover Photo Courtesy of Chopard

Watchmaking is an art, and so is jewelry design. And when the two meet, we can’t but expect a burst of creativity and precision that can never go unnoticed. A small dial telling the time in the most enchanting of ways, powered by so many elements a watchmaking house carefully and accurately organize in a case, would make you fall in love with these two extraordinary worlds.

At first, your eyes feast on this marvel which, later on, definitely becomes a piece of conversation at your gatherings and why not a pride on your wrist. Indeed, a lady’s passion in jewelry and timepieces reflecting elegance in every possible way is certainly a pride and many are the time-tellers that will help you express it. From elaborate designs fit for sophisticated soirées to ones perfectly completing looks of unparalleled elegance and unbeatable shine for your daily adventures, join us in the photo gallery to check our favorites.  

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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