Some Tips to Take Your Accessories to the Next Level

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Accessories come in many shapes and to each its own kind of charm. Bags, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, belts, scarves, hats… every piece should have its share of your outfits at some point while never failing to add its special touch to every look you opt for. However, accessorizing is an art that can elevate your style to unprecedented levels – when done the right way, of course!

Without any further ado, join us as we offer you some priceless tips to accessorize like a pro!

-Accessorizing, like everything else, is all about balance. So, to achieve the task successfully, balance out your choices and stay away from exaggeration.

-Don’t overwhelm your look with all the accessories you love. Choose one statement piece and work your choices around it. Let it be the center of your set in terms of size and color and balance it out with simpler pieces.

-If you feel like it’s hard on you to wear colors and patterns, add this vibrant element to your look through accessories. For instance, add a wild touch to your all-black outfit with a bag, a pair of shoes, a belt or a scarf adorned with an animal print. But don’t wear them all together!

-Opt for a fashion-forward style and avoid matching your accessories. The color wheel is your friend on this one and if you’d like to start step by step, add one colorful accessory to a base of neutrals.

-Many are the days you spend at the office then decide to join your besties for a night out. So, in this case, put on your little black dress and add to it some glamorous pieces and a pair of heels when you leave the office to get into the game.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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