Some Custom-made Beauties from Celine

Elegance, simplicity, femininity, creativity… words worthy of Celine! Between the ready-to-wear beauties, the amazing seasonal collections, the accessories, high perfumes and other creations the House pampers us with, Atelier Flou in Paris managed to take our breath away one more time.

I guess it’s only normal to see a lot of our favorite stars shining in Celine’s beauties. But this time we’re talking about something a bit more special, more personal. Yes, you guessed it: the distinguished custom-made gowns! These out-of-this-world dresses are made of a thousand stitches, jewels, meters of fabrics, hours of work and the list goes on and on. Yet of course, each dress is distinguished by its own details, making all the dresses even more distinctive as they reflect perfectly its wearer’s unparalleled style!

From Brie Larson to Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon and Saoirse Ronan, each of these stars stole the lights with her custom-made dress! Watch the videos below and get to know all the juicy stuff about the making of these amazing creations!

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