So What’s it Like Being a Model?

It’s a lot harder than you think, actually. It might look like a glamorous world to live in – what with the massive designer labels models receive on a daily basis and the extremely fabulous runways they walk – but being a model demands a lot of effort, on both a physical and mental level.

Behind this incredibly dazzling facade, lies a deeper secret. Take the images of photoshoots you see on magazine covers and online for example; do you really think that the model just took a pose and with a one click, everything went from nay to yay? Think again. Models go through hell and back to obtain the perfect picture and to satisfy the photographer for that matter – from finding the perfect position to having the perfect facial expressions and looking as flawless as the stylist wants them to be, it’s all very much frustrating! And that’s not even the whole story.

They sometimes have to go through the whole day without having much to eat, in order to prepare for an upcoming show and, to top it all off, during fashion week, things get so hectic, all they do is run from one show to another, changing outfits by the minute and hair and makeup by the second.

So, do you still want to be a model?


Cindy Menassa

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