SLIP it On – 5 Ways to Style a Slip Dress

For many of us, it’s not uncommon to find the nineties’ most common staple in our wardrobes; the slip dress. I mean, who wouldn’t want to even try to look like Kate Moss?

A slip dress situation can go either way; you can perfectly pull it off like a ‘90s supermodel off-duty, or you can end up looking like you’ve just been invited to a girls-only pajama party. Dangerous, but very chic. There’s also something about a slip dress that gives off the impression of a laid-back approach – as if its wearer doesn’t really care about its unabashed charisma. We get it though, it’s very easy to shy away from pieces that potentially require a lot of effort – what with the millions of ways to style them and what not. But if you’re a woman who loves herself a few compliments, perfecting your slip dress game is of dire necessity. So, if you want to make the most out of  it, here’s how you should style it:

  1. Since we’re far from the sunny weather, the slip dress might not always play to our own advantage. And so, layering it on top of a turtleneck is this season’s top hit pairing. Finish it all off with a good old pair of dad sneaks.
  2. A leather jacket is a classic. Pick a nice perfecto and throw it on top of a silk slip dress. For a casual look, couple it with a pair of motorcycle boots. If you’re heading to a savvy night out, a pair of mules is your way to go.
  3. Another good way to style a slip dress for work is to wear it on top of a button down blouse and to finish the whole look off with a nice blazer. Little hoop earrings and a pair of pumps will definitely crown the look.
  4. You don’t always have to go for a silk sip dress. If you have a big dinner party to attend, you can always opt for a velevet-y jewel-toned texture – from emerald green to sapphire blues, ruby red and so on…
  5. Finally, pick a slip dress that is lace-trimmed, and top it off with an oversized knit sweater. Old, but gold!


Cindy Menassa

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8 Fashion Mistakes You’re Unintentionally Making

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We’re all familiar with the cardinal rules of fashion – always mix-and-match, never wear clothes that are too tight, etc... – but we sometimes tend to forget about the slip-ups we do unintentionally, that can ruin an otherwise top-notch outfit.

So today, we’re asking you: do you get so carried away with fashion that you sometimes go off the rails with your style? If so, then we’ve gathered a few guidelines for you to follow in order to avoid repeating the mistakes you’re unaware of.

Scroll below to read more about what it is you’re doing that’s ruining your mojo.


  1. Showing your bra straps. That’s a big no-no, especially if you think you’re being smart by wearing transparent straps. No matter the color is, if you think your top will reveal a hint of your bra straps, then go for a strapless bra instead.
  2. Having visible panty lines. There are many alternatives that can remedy this issue, from wearing seamless panties to wearing thongs.
  3. Showing too much skin. If you’re wearing a mini skirt – and hence showing off your fabulous legs – then stick to a high-collar top in order to avoid being borderline vulgar. Likewise, if you’re wearing a plunging top, double the length of your bottoms.
  4. Not paying attention to proportions. If you’re wearing an oversized top, then you should stick to skinny trousers that can balance out your silhouette and vice versa.
  5. Wearing heels you can’t walk in. If you can’t run for your life in your heels, they’re not made for you.
  6. Wearing wrinkled clothes, it just gives off the impression that you’re too careless and sloppy. Make sure you iron the pieces you want to wear before going out in them.
  7. Overdoing it with your accessories. If you’re wearing big earrings, then there’s really no need to add a necklace to the pile. Less is more.
  8. Not paying attention to details. The things you think no one will notice, will eventually be noticed and they’ll just portray a nasty image of you.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Fun Facts about Haute Couture

With Haute Couture right around the corner, we can’t help but think about the fabulousness that is this week-long series of fashion shows. As the fashion pack gathers in the French capital, the streets of Paris become alight with state-of-the-art clothes, savvy attitudes and leggy models running from one show to another.

The reason Haute Couture is such a celebrated week isn’t only because it brings together the industry’s most elitist personas. It’s also because it holds a much deeper meaning and encompasses some strict rules and a whole lot of meticulous work. In the age of Instagram, you’re likely to live the joyous vibes of Haute Couture through your live feed, but nothing beats having to witness all the greatness in a front-row seat, don’t you agree? That said, before you all get busy with all the Couture shenanigans, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to let you in on a few fun facts concerning the celebrated Haute Couture week.

  1. Paris Haute Couture Week is the most anticipated event on the fashion calendar and so, the world’s finest couturiers gather around in the city of love and fashion to present the rest of the world with their greatest work. But what’s really Haute Couture? Roughly translated, Haute Couture means “High Sewing” and points out to the business of sewing custom-made high-fashion women’s clothes.
  2. The Haute Couture “circle” is very elitist and so, not any high fashion brand can be called an Haute Couture house. To be called one, a brand must already belong to the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture in Paris, must have at least 15 employees in its atelier and present its collections twice a year with daywear to eveningwear pieces included. Dresses should be hand-sewn for several hundred hours and the collection should include 35 unique pieces.
  3. Haute Couture is a costly business and few Maisons can afford the entry fees. Enter the guest members – with the likes of Elie Saab and Armani Privé high on top of the list – who are based in Paris and play a big part in the French fashion industry.
  4. The syndicate has only 18 members, including Dior and Chanel amongst others and has a very limited market of 2000 regular customers who can actually afford the Haute Couture pieces.

For more on Haute Couture, click here to have a look at last season’s best bridal Haute Couture looks.

Happy Fashion Week!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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A Little Recap on 2018’s Most Prominent Happenings

Change is good…it’s always been and one would be remiss to resist it. The fashion industry – just like any other, for that matter – is bound to face changes from one year to another. Changes can go from switching Creative Directors, to revamping a brand’s visions and formats and announcing new decisions that could impact the industry in more ways than others.

This year in particular, we’ve witnessed a lot of new designers taking the reins of Fashion Houses, while others exited gracefully their roles. All in all, it was truly a tumultuous year, but in the best way there is. To find out more about what 2018 has brought us, scroll down until you’re tired!

  • Kenzo switched to a “See now buy now” format which will be applied as of February 2019 and will give customers the option to buy La Collection Memento as soon as it hits the runway.
  • After 17 long years as Burberry’s creative director, Christopher Bailey left the Fashion House and has been replaced with Riccardo Tisci.
  • Margherita Missoni took back the reins of M Missoni and is now its new Creative Director.
  • Kris Van Assche is Berluti’s new artistic director, leaving behind an exceptional legacy at Dior Homme.
  • Michael Kors is now the proud owner of Versace, but Donatella Versace will keep her role as Creative Director of the Italian Fashion House. So basically yeah, Versace is still Versace.
  • Anthony Vaccarello replaced Hedi Slimane as Saint Laurent’s Creative Director.
  • And Hedi Slimane took the helms of Céline, replacing the iconic Phoebe Philo.
  • Longchamp celebrated its 70th anniversary back in September 2018 at the edge of the Grands Boulevards, the birthplace of the House, most specifically at the Palais Garnier.
  • Lanvin welcomed Olivier Lapidus shortly after Bouchra Jarrar exited the House.
  • Richard Mille announced its withdrawal from the Salon de la Haute Horlogerie 2020 (SIHH), as part of a reduction in its representation through multi-brand retailers.
  • Finally, Virgil Abloh replaced Kim Jones as Louis Vuitton’s new Men’s Creative Director.

Be sure to check out more details about the designers’ exits and entries and more specifically about Margherita Missoni’s comeback and Longchamp’s glorious 70th anniversary.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Shop Till You Drop…And Then Some More

Never trust a woman who says she doesn’t like to shop. Speaking of, we’re right in the middle of December, which means shopping, shopping and some more shopping. You’re trying to figure out what to wear to your office’s Christmas party, and while you’re at it, to the multitude of festivities you’re going to have to attend – sigh.

The thing is, on a normal day, shopping is therapy. But when you’ve accumulated a perennial list of events, this therapy becomes a living nightmare – that is unless you do it right. And here’s how:

  1. First things first; to avoid buyer’s remorse, prepare a list of the items you need to complete your wardrobe overhaul. Make sure you don’t exceed the items you’ve placed on that list.
  2. Also, make a list of the trendiest pieces to date. One way to efficiently do so is to check out what the latest It-girls are wearing. Disclaimer: don’t be a copycat.
  3. When adding new pieces to your closet, make sure that a month from that moment, you won’t be saying “Ugh I have nothing to wear”. If you’re not sure what you’ll wear it with, you probably don’t need it that much.
  4. Always spoil yourself with an investment piece – i.e. a piece that is considered a classic and that would pretty much go with anything.
  5. Pay attention to the life span of the item you’re considering. More often than not, said item could be just a fad and you’d end up spending hard-earned money on nothing.
  6. Never buy a piece of clothing in a smaller size, hoping you’d fit into it with that harsh diet you’re doing right now. Big mistake. And odds are you’ll probably never wear it. Embrace your body and get something that accentuates your curves in all the right ways.
  7. If it’s uncomfortable, it’s a waste of effort and money. Let. It. Go.


Cindy Menassa

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Your Little Winter Style Guide

There’s nothing like that little warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know the Holidays are less than a month away. But what better way to step into the festive month than with a tried-and-tested wardrobe of winter must haves and sparkly clothes?

How many times have you rifled through your old clothes and thought “Should I? Could I?”. And how many times have you thought about doing a wardrobe overhaul just to spare yourself the trouble of sorting your clothes out? If your answer is “pretty often”, then a winter style guide is exactly what you need to get you through the cold season in flair and style. Thankfully, the styles have been coming our way in such a diversified way that we can’t help but wonder how to style them and why.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured a plethora of tips that your closet never knew it needed. Scroll for more!

  1. The last thing you want to do as you step into winter is to wear outdated pieces of clothing. That said, don’t just settle for your average sleeves. Instead, go for Victorian sleeves this season and watch your look go from nay to yay. If they’re puffy, they’re in.
  2. The blazer is your new best friend. But don’t just wear it with bottoms, pick an oversized style, let it go solo and throw on a belt to highlight your beautiful waist. Oh, and thigh-high boots will definitely up the ante on that look!
  3. Padded shoulders are back – well so are everything about the eighties, but you get the idea. Padded sweaters, padded jackets, padded blouses…you name it! As long as it’s padded, we want it.
  4. Leather on leather. You read right; the total-leather-look is not so tacky anymore! Whether you choose to go for patent leather or your run-of-the-mill leather, the choice is yours!
  5. PVC coats are in. So you better wear them on top of an outstanding outfit!
  6. But whatever you do, keep in mind that patterned tights are the cherry on top of this very fashionable cake. So the more you go wild in terms of pantyhose, the better the outcome is.


Cindy Menassa

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Make Your Formal Outfit Seem Less Corporate

Looking too business-y is not your cup of tea? Fear not, milady. There are countless of ways to level down a formal outfit. How many times have you wanted to wear that structured blazer to your dinner date, but feared you’d look like you were being interviewed for a job at a bank? And how many times have you wanted to wear those tapered trousers while clubbing but avoided doing so for dress-code purposes? If the answer to these questions is too many times than this article is just for you.

The good news is that you’re not the only one wanting to dress down your corporate outfit a notch. The bad news is, you’re going to have to let go of some preconceived stereotypes in order to let yourself go. And here’s how:


  1.  Think outside the box. In other words, change the use of one piece. For example, don’t just wear your blazer on top of matching trousers; pick a long blazer and wear it as a dress instead.
  2. That said, a blazer can also serve as a complement to a little dress. Throw on a pair of sneakers to the mix and you’re golden.
  3. A white button-down blouse doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going for the interview of your life. You can also pair it with high-waisted wide-legged trousers and tie it in a knot so you can reveal a little flesh.
  4. Don’t know how to dress down your tailored trousers? Just pair them with a statement colorful top and let the upper part do all the talking.
  5. Mom jeans can dress down almost any outfit. So pick a colorful shirt and add it to the mix to pull off the blazé style.
  6. Prints can break any formality you do not desire. So, pick a leopard pantsuit and watch it turn your look from formal to casual in no time.


Cindy Menassa

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