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SLIP it On – 5 Ways to Style a Slip Dress

For many of us, it’s not uncommon to find the nineties’ most common staple in our wardrobes; the slip dress. I mean, who wouldn’t want to even try to look like Kate Moss?

A slip dress situation can go either way; you can perfectly pull it off like a ‘90s supermodel off-duty, or you can end up looking like you’ve just been invited to a girls-only pajama party. Dangerous, but very chic. There’s also something about a slip dress that gives off the impression of a laid-back approach – as if its wearer doesn’t really care about its unabashed charisma. We get it though, it’s very easy to shy away from pieces that potentially require a lot of effort – what with the millions of ways to style them and what not. But if you’re a woman who loves herself a few compliments, perfecting your slip dress game is of dire necessity. So, if you want to make the most out of  it, here’s how you should style it:

  1. Since we’re far from the sunny weather, the slip dress might not always play to our own advantage. And so, layering it on top of a turtleneck is this season’s top hit pairing. Finish it all off with a good old pair of dad sneaks.
  2. A leather jacket is a classic. Pick a nice perfecto and throw it on top of a silk slip dress. For a casual look, couple it with a pair of motorcycle boots. If you’re heading to a savvy night out, a pair of mules is your way to go.
  3. Another good way to style a slip dress for work is to wear it on top of a button down blouse and to finish the whole look off with a nice blazer. Little hoop earrings and a pair of pumps will definitely crown the look.
  4. You don’t always have to go for a silk sip dress. If you have a big dinner party to attend, you can always opt for a velevet-y jewel-toned texture – from emerald green to sapphire blues, ruby red and so on…
  5. Finally, pick a slip dress that is lace-trimmed, and top it off with an oversized knit sweater. Old, but gold!


Cindy Menassa

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