SLIP it On – 5 Ways to Style a Slip Dress

For many of us, it’s not uncommon to find the nineties’ most common staple in our wardrobes; the slip dress. I mean, who wouldn’t want to even try to look like Kate Moss?

A slip dress situation can go either way; you can perfectly pull it off like a ‘90s supermodel off-duty, or you can end up looking like you’ve just been invited to a girls-only pajama party. Dangerous, but very chic. There’s also something about a slip dress that gives off the impression of a laid-back approach – as if its wearer doesn’t really care about its unabashed charisma. We get it though, it’s very easy to shy away from pieces that potentially require a lot of effort – what with the millions of ways to style them and what not. But if you’re a woman who loves herself a few compliments, perfecting your slip dress game is of dire necessity. So, if you want to make the most out of  it, here’s how you should style it:

  1. Since we’re far from the sunny weather, the slip dress might not always play to our own advantage. And so, layering it on top of a turtleneck is this season’s top hit pairing. Finish it all off with a good old pair of dad sneaks.
  2. A leather jacket is a classic. Pick a nice perfecto and throw it on top of a silk slip dress. For a casual look, couple it with a pair of motorcycle boots. If you’re heading to a savvy night out, a pair of mules is your way to go.
  3. Another good way to style a slip dress for work is to wear it on top of a button down blouse and to finish the whole look off with a nice blazer. Little hoop earrings and a pair of pumps will definitely crown the look.
  4. You don’t always have to go for a silk sip dress. If you have a big dinner party to attend, you can always opt for a velevet-y jewel-toned texture – from emerald green to sapphire blues, ruby red and so on…
  5. Finally, pick a slip dress that is lace-trimmed, and top it off with an oversized knit sweater. Old, but gold!


Cindy Menassa

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Tie-Dye Vibes

A term perhaps coined in the sixties and seventies, “tie-dye” mostly referred to dumping color dye onto old tees, which ultimately meant that you were a hippie or a surfer girl. With the evolution of fashion, and the many fashion-forward decades since then, this trend was put to sleep and managed to disappear into oblivion. But now, it’s back and it’s dubbed as one of the most defining trends of this season.

Just as it seems, the re-imagination of tie-dye has turned your vintage trend into something contemporary and stylish – to say the least. Indeed, designers have been applying the technique to denims, chic A-line dresses – hello, Prada – and lavish skirts. So much so that the chic surfer-girl has made a huge comeback and she’s as elegant as ever. This season, trade your average florals with acid washes and bright tones, splashed across dresses, tops, trousers and skirts. To incorporate this trend into your everyday wardrobe, take style cues from the fabulous runway inspirations we’ve carefully scoured for you. And if we’ve finally convinced you, we’ve rounded up must-have tie-dye pieces that will give you the “surfer-girl chic” title in a matter of seconds.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Azzi & Osta Present “Memoirs from the Silk Road"

It was during Paris Haute Couture week that Lebanese power duo Azzi & Osta unveiled their Spring-Summer 2019 Couture collection “Memoirs from the Silk Road”, at the famed Hotel de Crillon.

Inspired by the ancient trade network connecting East and West, every gown pegs itself as an homage to a city, a monument or a memorable landmark.

“It was always very fascinating to us how silk as a luxury had to travel from one side of the earth to another to get to the royal courts of Europe .The idea of how secretive and protected was the provenance and art of silk making, is very similar to Couture, the savoir-faire, the well-kept secret of the couture house, and the journey that every piece undertakes”, stated the designers.    

And so, the collection features a slew of exquisite designs featuring various techniques such as pleating on dresses, flowy fabrics, antique embroideries and sculptured structures. The fabrics, on the other hand, range from silk satin, organza, double satin duchesse, and gazar – all of which reflect the minimalism of the desert dunes and the peacefulness lying within sea horizons. Topping off the collection are two diaphanous bridal looks, including one with a detailed embroidered cape that took twenty craftsmen hand embroidering it and over 120 hours to make. 

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Cannes Film Festival 2019 – All the Best Dressed Celebrities

It’s that time of the year again, where the world’s biggest celebrities descend upon the French Riviera to celebrate what could only be described as the mother of all film festivals. Indeed, the Cannes Film Festival gathers A-listers, producers, actors, models and socialites alike at the heart of the French Riviera – all of whom hit the invitation-only event in nothing but glamor and elegance.

And it’s during the beautiful month of May that the industry’s most influential names celebrate all the new films and all the genres in the presence of the world’s biggest movie directors and producers, not to mention Hollywood’s most famous actors. So you can only imagine the glamor taking over the red carpet as the hottest models, singers and actresses strut their good looks in diaphanous gowns and daring styles. Last year, we were all pretty much amazed with Izabel Goulart’s stylish choices and of course, Bella Hadid’s exquisite taste.

This time around, we can’t wait to witness yet another legendary moment in Hollywood’s history and we can’t wait to show you who wore who and what!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Ramadan 2019 Lookbook – The Third Edition

Cover Photo Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

There’s something about modest dressing that’s so alluring, it almost suits every body type, style and taste. But perhaps the most outstanding thing about modest dressing is that it’s the perfect combination of elegant and stylish, fit for the Holy Month.

In light of this, Ramadan is usually chockfull of Iftars, Suhoors and family gatherings, which may or may not take up your whole schedule. And if you have a 9 to 5 job, here’s where the problem lies: how will you ever find an outfit that could ultimately take you from day to night in modesty and style? While the issue at hand might seem a bit impossible to resolve, believe it or not, there actually are a few options you could explore during the Holy Month. And with the multitude of international and local brands and designers catering for Ramadan, you will never find yourself at a shortage come the Holy Month.

And so, as the event-infested season begins, we’ve come to find that the more options you have, the more covered you are. That said, we’ve prepared a few looks for you to get inspired by!

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Celebrating The Outnet’s 10th Anniversary

There are so many things worth celebrating in life, such as 10 years of style, and with The Outnet celebrating their 10th anniversary, that is indeed a very special occasion. In fact, this platform which has become a go-to destination for every stylish shopper, launched a limited-edition collection of almost 100 exclusive pieces – highlighting their on-going relationship with international designer brands.

Over 35 designers and iconic brands – including  Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Paco Rabanne, Delpozo and Christopher Kane to name a few – celebrate with The Outnet this milestone. And if you think that’s all, you’re absolutely wrong! Such an occasion can’t be complete without a campaign and with this in mind, The Outnet tapped world-renowned Model and Designer Alek Wek, Lawyer, TV Host, Model and Philanthropist Jessica Kahawaty, Makeup Artist, Creative Director, and Author Lisa Eldridge, Mixed-media Artist Quentin Jones and Singer Song-writer Paloma Faith to participate in the shoot that took place in London.

Including an off-the-shoulder silk dress by Oscar de la Renta, structured peplum dresses by Carolina Herrera, a Delpozo peplum midi dress, an iconic, jewelled cut-out sweatshirt by Christopher Kane, a silk mustard suit by Adam Lippes and a metallic, mesh chain dress by Paco Rabanne, the collection is exclusively available on

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It’s a Wonderful Birthday – Celebrating Nikki Reed

Cover Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

If, like us, you were a huge fan of the Twilight Saga, then you probably were infatuated with Nikki Reed’s ravishing beauty, also known as the ever-so charming vampire Rosalie Hale. But who is this raven-haired beauty who has been walking by her beau’s side Ian Somerhalder for as long as we can remember?

Nikki Reed is an American actress, screenwriter, singer and model who gained recognition after the movie she co-wrote named “Thirteen” made a huge bang in Hollywood. Soon after that, she began starring in many other film and TV projects, from The OC to Twilight – amongst others. And now, besides being a lucky mom to a 20-month old baby, she’s also proud owner of a jewelry line “BaYou with Love”, also known as a sustainable, environmental-friendly design business. Indeed, in partnership with Dell, Reed’s jewelry line uses recycled gold from your own computer to create chic offerings. How awesome is that?

So to celebrate this wonderful actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother, we’ve scoured Reed’s most statement-making looks!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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