Short Hair, Chic Style

A lot of us have gone through many physical changes throughout the years, from cutting our hair to getting inked and so on. Call it a psychological effect or call it what you may – it’s happening. And so for those of us who have chosen the hair-transformation phenomenon, it’s also fine time to make some drastic changes to our clothes as well.

So ladies, if you’ve cut you hair and you’re now looking for the perfect way to match it to your look, you’ve landed on the right article. Come to think of it, a dramatic haircut such as a bob cut or a square cut can affect your style in more ways than others. As a matter of fact, most women usually rely on their long hair for confidence and a feminine boost. With that in mind, redefining your style when you cut your hair can come as a big challenge, especially if you don’t really know which parts to highlight, and which ones to keep on the down low. That’s why we’ve scoured the highs and lows to show you how you can make your short hair look pretty much fabulous with the styles you choose!


  1. Short hair can come in different ways, from bobs to pixie cuts and squared ones…you name it. But if there’s one thing they all have in common is the way they fabulously pair with feminine touches. Indeed, go for more sensual fabrics such as lace and embellished ones in order to create a lovely contrast.
  2. The shorter your hair is, the more skin you can show on the upper part. Some great ideas would range from bardot tops to strapless cuts.
  3. When you have shorter hair, feminine cuts are your best friends. And so, picking sensual blouses with plunging necklines could be considered a great start.
  4. Accessorize. A lot. There’s nothing prettier than a set of dangling earrings or a big chunky necklace to go with your novel short hair.
  5. Finally, avoid wearing clothes that are too large or baggy. Instead, go for more fitted ones such as wrap dresses, fit-forming tops and so on.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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