Sheer Lovin’ – The Do’s and Don’ts

We’re not saying Kendall Jenner’s controversial sheer dress was the right way to go, but yes, transparent is back. The thing is, it actually all depends on how you wear it, how you style it, and what attitude you pair with it.

Sheer pieces can vary from tops to blouses, dresses and tunics; and as the temperature rises, it only seems fair your clothes become lighter and a little less opaque. So how will you ever pull off sheer clothing without committing a major faux pas?

Well, Dior found a solution for its sheer dresses by pairing them with boxer shorts, while other designers went to the layering side. Either way, we’ve complied a few tried-and-tested tips to help you master the sheer trend.

Do layer a sheer dress on top of another shirt-dress.

Don’t underestimate the power of a bralette. Indeed, if you’re wearing a sheer blouse, just layer it on top of a same-color bralette and watch magic happen.

Do pair your transparent dress with a pair of denim pants for a more casual look.

Don’t go for colored bras under your sheer garments. It’s very tacky and unattractive.

Do keep in mind that balance is key. You want to look sultry but in the most modest kind of ways.


Cindy Menassa

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