Share Beauty Moments with Your Little Princess

Your daughter is the most precious person in your life. Unlike boys, daughters and mothers share a very special bond that only girls can understand. And if you agree with us, then this feature is for you! Spending time with your little girl is a great way to take advantage of her being always at your side before she grows up and starts her own journey in life. This is not something only you can enjoy, as at her age, rest assured that you’re still her idol no matter what.

She loves to wear your clothes, accessories, shoes and jewels but that’s not all! In fact, this little one also admires how you take care of your skin and wear makeup. So, she would definitely love to share these moments with you – as long as the products used are not harmful to her skin. With this in mind, here are some beauty moments to share with your beautiful mini you!

-Start off your beauty session by cleaning your face. So how about you use your face cleanser, and she soaks up her favorite strawberry soap?

-Prepare a face mask at home. This one will be made entirely of natural ingredients and essential oils that certainly won’t harm her baby skin.

-For the eyes, a cold bag of green tea or a slice of cucumber won’t harm her. So let her have a blast!

-Your hair and hers also deserve some love, so don’t hesitate to prepare a hair mask for both of you, made of natural ingredients as well.

-After a relaxing bath, teach her how to moisturize her skin. Now is the time to teach her some self-care skills!

-If it’s the weekend, some nail polish on her little nails and toes won’t be a big deal. While you give your nails some care, let her pick her favorite pink and tint her nails. Do not hesitate to add a finishing touch to her work for better results!

While this day may be a normal one for you, you just filled hers with joy and pride.

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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