Saint Laurent Turns the Tables with its Winter 2021 Collection

Looking effortlessly elegant will be much easier in Winter 2021 thanks to Saint Laurent’s “Where the Silver Wind Blows” collection. A pinch of the past is embodied in tweed suits and fur hems inspired by the sixties mixed with glitzy touches brought back from the classic nineties wardrobe of musician Peaches, thus giving us light attires that are also luxurious.

Anthony Vaccarello’s designs for this collection shook up Saint Laurent’s bourgeois codes as with its simplicity, it managed to change preconceptions. Blue, gold, black, green, silver and many other colors played a major role in bringing the amazing pieces of this collection to life. Between the blazers, shorts, different styles of miniskirts and metallic bodysuits among other remarkable creations, we will definitely enter Winter 2021 with an unparalleled style.

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