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Redefine Style with the Tip-Top Collection from MARLI New York

Challenging convention to celebrate fearless femininity, MARLI New York released its Tip-Top collection. Offering unrivaled fine jewelry creations from signature pendants and eye-catching earrings to tennis bracelets that are anything-but-classic, this collection shows unparalleled craftsmanship while advancing a quality like no other with playful vibes. Once again, New York City and its vibrant energy inspired the brand to create marvels for the daring women who chose their own way and are not afraid to stand out.

Sparkling with diamonds and vibrant gemstones, the Tip-Top collection is complimented with modern 18K gold details designed to turn heads. As it challenges traditions with multi-faceted femininity and a distinctive edge, this distinguished collection exemplifies MARLI New York’s innovative design and paramount technique.

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