Purple Shadow

I’ve always been a brown shadow girl but with a new year It feels so good to change things up a little. No matter what your eye color or skin tone, purple really looks great on everyone. I love this look for night. These colors could get tricky so here are some pointers to get it right.

I love using brown shades with a dewy look but for this look I prefer the skin to be more on the matte side. I also love using TOO FACE Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer as my “blush” so the color focus is on the eyes.

Using the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol 1 I’m still going to use a brownish orangey neutral as my base in my crease just because it’s almost like contouring my eyes. Using a crease brush I mixed E2 and E5 to get a nice base. 

Now I’m finally ready for some color! Let’s use a pink shade B1 for some pop. Just a reminder you might want to do your eyes first with this look since it could get messy. Using B5 which is a shimmery purple apply it on the roundest part of your eyelid. Using A3 a matte purple go in with your crease where you have already built a foundation but just to darken it up a bit.

Focus on the outer corners. Using D3 very very lightly to bring more warmth in the crease. Use E1 in the inner corner for some pop and you are done! It’s all about the eyes so go very neutral with your lip almost like a clear gloss even.

Article Written by Aline Agopian

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