Preserving Your Bag – Do You Really Know How to Do It?

Most of us might think that we’re doing a good job at making sure our bags are safe and sound, but what we fail to understand is that our little gems need more care and attention than any other accessory really. Picture this scenario – you come back home from work, you’re too tired to even think about eating let alone taking good care of your bag, so you throw it on “the chair”. Next thing you know there are countless articles of clothing piling up on top of it and you can’t even find it! The result? A less beautiful bag day after day.

What we’re saying here is that it all comes down to how you take care of its fabric, form and handle on a daily basis. Your role here is to pretty much bestow the same level of awareness and care to your bag, then you would do to your high jewelry. How so? Here’s how:

  1. To avoid any wear and tear on your purse, put those products you always hear about to good use. That means spraying your bag with a rain and stain repellent – you know, in case you spill your coffee all over it – and of course, wiping it down from time to time.
  2. If you’re not using your purse and you just want to put it back in your closet for the time being, then at least do it wisely. In other words, fill your bag with some newspapers in order to maintain its shape until you use it again!
  3. Another really important point we all fail to do is to keep the dust bag when we purchase a purse. So why should you keep it? Simply because it helps maintain the cleanliness of the purse, along with its shine and everything in between. This particular point holds especially true with leather and suede bags.
  4. Also, try not to throw your bag on any chair you see around. Instead, try storing it on a shelf so as not to stretch the handles or ruin any fragment of it.
  5. Last but not least, avoid storing liquids inside your purse. But if you’re adamant on doing so, at least do it in a little pouch to control the damage – should one occur.

Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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