Post-Tanning Beauty Resolutions

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Tanning is most probably our favorite activity during summer. Well, we can’t deny that nothing beats that summer glow and that sun-kissed skin! And since summer is almost over, how about making the last few tanning sessions count and last you longer?

Before we get started on how to preserve your tan, here’s a precious tip: keep your skin moisturized and exfoliate before hitting the beach. Now that we’ve got you all set for your day, let us tell you what to do afterwards to make your tan stick around longer!

  • When tanning, use a protective tanning product. In fact, getting burned makes your skin peel, which will take it back to its lighter tone and that’s exactly what we don’t want!
  • Keep your skin moisturized. Moisture is always essential to your skin, so imagine how crucial it is when it comes to keeping your skin from getting dry and dull when all we want is preserving its bronzed summer glow.
  • Use the right shade of foundation, which should be at least a shade darker by now. This will enhance your bronzed look and give your face the tone of your body’s skin.
  • Not only your foundation needs to be altered, so keep in mind to pick the right shade of concealer. There is nothing uglier than a tanned skin with white eye pockets, believe us!
  • Make a beauty marvel known as bronzing powder your all-time favorite companion. As you know and if you have taken the right protection measures, your face shouldn’t be as tanned as your body. So, to give it that enhanced sun-kissed look, using a bronzer is key.
  • For the eyes and the lips, use natural shades with a shimmery effect. This will only make your tan look better!
  • When showering, it’s essential to use the coldest water your body can handle. Hot water strips your skin from its natural oils, resulting in dryness, dullness and short tan life.
  • Exfoliate! Yes, even after tanning! Let’s face it, this tan won’t last forever, so we better help it fade gradually rather than in patches. And remember, your skin’s melanin is never affected by scrubbing, we’re just working on the glow factor here and trying to prevent dullness!
  • Keep your skin hydrated by drinking enough water to make that tan last longer. Let’s say 2 liters per day are enough to provide you with good results!
  • Use a lotion or an oil to illuminate your skin. This will instantly boost its radiance!

Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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